Working at ETASHA

I am Sukanya and am doing a 2 week internship at Etasha.

From the time that I remember, I have always had the inclination to work and make a difference in the social field and I guess most of my career decisions in life which includes taking up Law as a profession as well even after pursuing a science stream have been motivated by the same. Presently, I am a 3rd yr law student at National Law University, Jodhpur.

In the pursuance of my social interests, I have always looked forward to working in NGOs so that I can have an actual insight in its working and also have the practical experience of  playing a part in a bringing a change in the lives of the disadvantaged section of the society.

I got to know about Etasha through my father who happened to know Dr. Meenakshi, the President of the Organization and who knowing that I and my sister were interested in working for a NGO contacted her for the same. My first interaction with Dr. Meenakshi and Ian, the communication coordinator at Etasha was enough to convince me that unlike this was an organization which actually required our complete efforts in the pursuance of its objective rather than just coming and hanging around only to get a certificate at the end. And yes, this only motivated me more to join the organization.

The work up till now has been interesting which I generally refer to as the Online Marketing of Etasha. Increasing the fans of the Etasha page on Facebook, Identifying the changes to be made in its Youtube site, searching for the requisite funding agencies for the organization are some of the tasks that we are working on at the present.

Sukanya Narain

4 thoughts on “Working at ETASHA”

  1. Meenakshi Nayar

    Sukanya, the process you started is continuing to grow!!! As, I hope, you will grow in your profession and your committment for the disadvantaged. THANK YOU so much for spreading the word far and wide!!
    Do remain in touch. The Cause needs your support.
    All the best.

  2. Well said Meenakshi, Sukanya and Ananya are coming in next week to work on our trainee database, despite their busy college schedules.

  3. Mini Bhargava

    I agree with Meenakshi, you did a good job of also net searching for the jobs in gurgaon & it has helped me follow up understand the industry. Thanks. Looking forward to meeting you soon. Keep in touch.

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