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Hi! My name is Abhishek Bhargava, and I recently started volunteering at ETASHA. A little bit about me before I begin: I’m 15 years old, I live in Ohio, and I attend Jackson High School. I enjoy playing tennis, table tennis, watching TV, and listening to music. This


year, I will be entering the 11th grade and studying a variety of subjects including economics, chemistry, calculus, English, and Spanish.

Eleven years ago, my parents and I moved to America, along with my elder brother. My father had been born in Ahmedabad, and my mother had been born in Delhi; at the time of our move (and even today), the majority of my extended family lived in India. Since then, I have revisited India four times, each time learning a little bit more about the country I was born in, but had never truly been acquainted with.

Naturally, then, when I first heard about ETASHA through my aunt, I was eager to get involved. My first day was filled with new experiences, ranging from my first lengthy motorcycle ride to observing young students enrolled in various ETASHA-related educational programs—children that were genuinely excited about learning! This was a refreshing change from my previous experience with my peers in America, most of whom regard school as nothing more than a distasteful chore that must be done. Over the next month or so, I plan to interview some of the students, faculty, and employers that make this program so special, rewarding, and effective at allowing India’s disadvantaged youth to enter the workforce and create better lives for themselves and their families. As a volunteer, I hope to learn more not just about India as a country, but further my experience with humanity and help people in need. Fortunately, I believe that ETASHA will be able to provide the impetus to make such changes possible in the world and in myself.

2 thoughts on “Volunteer: Jackson High School student blog”

  1. Great work Abhishek…look forward to hearing more over the coming weeks…don’t forget to tell your friends and family to follow you….As you know I will be in Anupshahr for three days but will be back in the office in Delhi on Thursday – can’t wait for the next installment – and so true what you said about kids wanting to learn!


  2. Mini Bhargava

    Great to have you on board, it was very refreshing working with you & you writing skills amaze me. You have a flare to write do consider the option.

    I am sure our trainees have learnt & had amazing experience interacting with you.


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