Visit to National Science Centre

I had a great opportunity to be a part of CES 10, training which I otherwise wouldn’t have had as it is an employability course & placement is not a part of the course.

Going to the science museum was also exciting enough, I was co facilitating with Ian, the batch coordinator. The trainees of this batch are from Molarband Village from CASP Plan. There were 17 trainees & it was wonderful to see them all well dressed & looking so nice.

They were all excited & raring to explore the exhibits in the museum. Ian asked them to go to enquire about the ticket rate for the entry & also the 3 – D show. He then gave them the money & asked them to buy tickets in pairs. The entry ticket was Rs. 40.00 each & Rs. 40 for the show.

We all proceeded to the entrance & the guard checked our tickets & guided us in. As we entered Ian reminded the trainees of the decorum to be maintained & points to remember to be included in the presentation to be made later next week.

The museum is a 3 floor building, each floor is dedicated to concepts of each of the science subject, eg 1st floor has biology based models & some chemistry based too. There is a model of the brain showing how it transmits messages to & from the body parts. The Circulatory system is shown & many more, which one can learn a lot from about how different parts of our body functions.

2nd floor has models of physics phenomenon. This floor attracted the trainees the most they could play the foot piano, get lost in a maze, see the images formed by different mirrors & lenses, play some models based on sound resonance. The trainees were surprised to see the magic hot & cold bars.

We spent about 1 hour checking out the displays & then it was time to go for the show at 11:30 am. We all queued up in front of the entrance of the auditorium waiting for the incharge to let us in.

Here we showed our tickets for the show & entered. We all took a back seat thinking the viewing would be better but the incharge asked us to move to the front rows where he said we will have a better experience. We were all given a pair of special glasses to enable us to view the film in 3 D.

The trainees were a little shy to wear them but on seeing the difference I think all were wearing the glasses & enjoying the show. It is something to be experienced & cannot be explained. The show was about the life on Earth – on land, under water & in the mountains. Since it was an animated show it was made more interesting. The animals seemed to be coming towards us & throwing fruits or ball at us & I could see the trainees unconsciously dodging them. From the ahhh…. & wow…. & the laughs I could make out the group was enjoying the show thoroughly.

The show was for 20 minutes & seemed to end too… soon, group cried out for more but then all good things come to an end, so must this.

We then moved back to play around with the exhibits & models.

Some of the girls were tired so they went to the reception area & I asked them to wait for us as the rest wanted to explore more. We went downstairs where there were models of machines & systems of communication since the older times to the more recent one.

There were model villages exhibiting the life style, clothing, utensils, weapons & occupations of the people in the older time.

We walked around trying to observe & absorb as much as possible, on our way around we also clicked pictures with the trainees posing with the masks & the idols of people of older times.

Overall the visit was a great learning experience but only thing we all felt was that most of the instruments were not working so we couldn’t fully enjoy, & this left us with a feeling of dissatisfaction.

After the visit we were all hungry so the group moved to the cafeteria situated just outside the museum.

Every time I go on a visit I come back with a great feeling of being part of  helping our trainees more exposed to the outer world & also helping them overcome some hesitation to visit a new place, as later they all shared that they feel more confident of being able to go to a new place, plan a visit, execute it on their own.


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