Vide’s Experience



Two months in ETASHA and I feel I have found my hidden passion for teaching. My long search of wanting to do something for the society-shifting from science stream to arts in my graduation, then into social work in my masters-did not really figure out where I fitted in. Joining ETASHA in July as a facilitator and teacher, I felt a deep sense of satisfaction at work, a thirst quenching experience I would say. Here at ETASHA , I am not just teaching, I am educating and empowering youths.

In one of the classes, we were learning the use of expressions like “either” “or” “both” “neither” “nor”. As we finished the worksheets, one of the students who had the habit of smiling and murmuring something most of the time, was doing so. S o I asked him jokingly “Satya, are you crazy or mad”? And he replied, “Ma’am, both”. We both had a good laugh. I had a satisfying one and you would know why.

The participative methodology used in ETASHA, I feel, to some extent enables to bring about what the Brazilian educator, Paulo Freire calls- conscientization(use of education as a means of consciously shaping the person and the society). It is just amazing when one can witness a person bloom into the fullest potential and be a part of it- and that is exactly what I am doing at ETASHA.