The Lotus in The Pond…

Jaspal (right) being introduced during a spoken English Class

As we start reading this , we slip into the pages and stumble upon a story…

This story is about a single lotus who lived in a mucky pond. He wanted to get out of the muck surrounding him since he was lonely. Nobody came to see him whereas there was always a huge crowd of visitors admiring his friends in the pond in the neighbouring park. Soon he realised that he wouldn’t be able to uproot himself from the dark waters. He was sad and cried for many nights. One fine dawn the morning dew told him, that he should not cry for what he does not have and instead be thankful for what he has and make the best of it in his own unique way.
Since that day onwards this lotus hasn’t looked back.

Now I shall introduce you to Jaspal Singh (23) who is the lotus of our story.
Jaspal comes across as a lively and cheerful personality. Before I went to interview him I met his entire class, the batch of Customer Service Work Culture (CSWC). He was one of the few who jumped up to introduce himself before I had the chance to say, “Hi!”! When I started to interact with the batch it dawned upon me that he was among the extroverts of the class and loved to have the first go at everything. While I was there, an activity was organised where the batch was divided into pairs and each person had to come forward and say a few lines about their partner. Jaspal’s enthusiasm, I must add, was contagious! Even towards the end of the class while playing games and singing he stood out.

Jaspal has completed his schooling through an open school with humanities as his stream in the twelfth grade. He is currently doing the CSWC course with ETASHA and is pursuing a Bachelors degree from the University of Delhi via correspondence.

Jaspal comes feom Uttarakhand and has been staying in New Delhi with his family of seven. This includes his parents and four siblings. The eldest sister is married and his elder brother is working at a call centre and is also pursuing a Bachelors’ degree via correspondence. His younger sister is in the eleventh grade and his youngest brother is in the ninth grade.

As our conversation moved towards ETASHA he told me that he has been there for the past one and a half months and enjoys studying specially in the company of his new friends.
The CSWC course focuses on customer care and service. Students are helped to attain improved interpersonal skills and improvements in grooming, working with computers and spoken  English.
While talking to Jaspal another interesting fact emerged. His weakest subjects in school were Mathematics and English but this has suddenly taken a U-turn and now his favourite subject is English. So much so that one of his short term goals is to be able to speak grammatically correct and fluent English. He says that he enjoys Shailly Ma’am’s classes a lot, specially since she explains everything with good examples which one can relate to and link with daily life. No points for guessing her subject – English.

Enrolling with ETASHA has given Jaspal the confidence to be able to express his opinion publicly.

Next we started talking about his hobbies. His eyes lit up as he mentioned that he loves writing “shayari”. He was inspired by a friend and has been writing for the past couple of years. Another thing he is passionate about is music, his favourite track being ‘Tujhse Naraaz Nahi Zindagi‘ from the movie Masoom. He enjoys cooking and eating chicken and also loves to watch and play cricket, his favourite cricketers being Sachin, Kohli, Kaif and Raina.
Other than that he likes to watch movies. As a baby step towards his goal to speak fluent English, he has started watching English movies with Hindi subtitles This enables him to improve his vocabulary as well.

When asked about his dreams and ambition in life his answer had me pleasantly surprised. He stated that he wants to be the lotus in the pond. the roots may be in the mud and slush but the flower is still alive with all its beauty. He wants to be able to raise the standard of the area he lives in, he wants to be able to give to society what he has imbibed along his journey. He wants to be a helping hand, a friend, a teacher and a leader. He wishes to inspire others – he wants his pond to be filled with many more lotuses.

I am sure if he thinks this way he will surely go places and do wonders.

As they say, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step..”

Jaspal has begun to take his baby steps. His journey has begun and i am sure it would be enriched with colourful experiences!

So as this story of our Lotus – Jaspal, comes to an end, we will slip away quietly, hoping that when he reaches his destination, his pond would be filled with many pink and white lotuses like him in full bloom.

Sneha Kohli

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