The Google Guys….



The Google Guys: Manish (left) and Antriksh
The Google Guys: Manish (left) and Antriksh

A couple of students working for a competition designed by Google chose ETASHA as the organization they had to represent. They are popularly known as the Google Guys in the office. This is a brief interview with 2 out of the 4-member team.


They introduce themselves as Manish Malik and Antriksh Agarwal.  The two additional members who weren’t there at the time of the interview are Ashar Javed and Aditya Kumar who contributed equally. They are all second year students of Faculty of Engineering and Technology Jamia Millia Islamia. All of them are currently pursuing B. Tech in Information Technology.


So what are they doing at ETASHA? Their work is to promote ETASHA in a very interesting way. They are participating in a competition organized by Google to use their Ad Platform to promote a particular organization of their choice. The competition involves Google giving them an initial $250 to run a successful Ad Campaign for a span of three weeks continuously and whichever organisation gets is deemed against set criteria to have reached a wider audience or improved their reach, wins.


There are 2 groups of this competition based on what type of organization you choose to promote – Profit making and Not for Profit. They chose the not for profit category as as they believed that this was their own humble way to give back to the society.


Then, I proceeded to ask them that how exactly did they get to know about ETASHA and why did they choose ETASHA. They replied with a smile unanimously that since they had already decided which category to enter, they short listed a certain number of NGOs and went through their websites. Then began their real work. They sat and analyzed every NGOs website. They compared it and concluded that ETASHA’s website was the most organized and the best website in terms of details given as well as it was user friendly. They were all praises about it. It also met all the requirements that they were looking for, making them happy people indeed.


I proceeded to ask them that how exactly is their work helping ETASHA or what is their work scope and how is it benefiting ETASHA. This is when they excitedly told me about the prize money. Whoever wins this competition; Google gives at least $5,000 dollars to that NGO to promote their cause. Isn’t that quite noble of them?


They, due to this competition learnt how to use Google Adverts and Google Analytics. They learnt how to deal with clients, project management, marketing, innovation and other nuances of technology. They also are working towards promoting ETASHA’s brand value. Google is one of the the biggest platforms in the world and through that, they are getting more sponsors and donors for ETASHA. Through this campaign they hope to attract many more partners towards the NGO. Also it seems that the whole of India is getting to know about ETASHA.


Even though they haven’t been to the centers, they had a good idea about ETASHA. So I asked them whether you think that the work done at ETASHA is worth applauding. Manish, instantly reacts and says he loves it lot and thinks it is a very nice initiative. Antriksh, even though impressed by the work done by ETASHA, being a skeptical guy, says that it’s much ahead of the other NGOs he’s seen.


I further asked them whether according to them the work done by this NGO is helping enriching lives or not. Manish was clearly impressed with the results that ETASHA had to offer and it since it imparted skill development, hence it also ensured placements which in turn, did enhance lives. Antriksh thought that way was a very effective way to ensure that they actually use this knowledge and as he said I quote- “we learn better from tests”.


During their research to find an NGO, they felt that they hadn’t come across such a well organized and an efficiently run NGO !


Ending this interview I asked whether this had been an enriching experience for them or not. They both are thoroughly thankful for this experience and added that Ian has been a pillar of support and he has been very helpful with all the information, reports and editing and preparing the ads. They added as a final note – that they would love to come and volunteer for ETASHA and help them grow in any way possible.


Raushan Jaswal