Sukrit’s post “First day at work”

I arrived on the 23rd of June, apprehensive and nervous. I’d never ‘worked’ before and felt my inexperience could prove to be a problem. I walked in around 10.15 and took a seat. My friend, Ambuja who had referred me browsed facebook (a perennial activity) while I waited for my interview.

The first person I met was Ian, our friendly ‘boss’. We started talking and I relaxed gradually. We spoke about various topics ranging from education in schools to allocation of funds. I was never officially told “you’re hired” but since I’m here today, I suppose it worked out.  I was now working for ETASHA.

Ambuja and I were initially allocated the task of covering Madhu aunty’s class. We travelled to what I felt was a remote area in Sarita vihar and watched aunty teach a group of about 17. We took photos and videos after which we helped teach adjectives. I was the ‘fair(yes, that’s the adjective, it’s not ‘white’ we told them) bhaiya’. The class was interactive, the students curious and rather forthcoming. The class was followed by a visit to Haldiram. We had an allocated budget of Rs 65 each. The students were to order their food individually within the limit; this was a part of their training. Madhu aunty, Ambuja and I assisted the students as we went from stall to stall. My quick arithmetic was devastating so I whipped out a calculator.  Most of us took to the conventional food Haldirams is known for. Aloo chat, choola kulcha, samosas were ordered aplenty. Two of the students ordered Honey chilli potatoes. They were delicious and left quite a few of us wondering why we hadn’t been bolder.

The visit went of very well apart from one problem. Ambuja and I, official photographers for the day… well, we forgot to take pictures. Hustling and bustling in and out of Haldirams(stalls outside) ensured that we deposited our cameras so you can very imagine how planned our forgetting was.

As the students left us, Madhu aunty said “pictures”. We had nowhere to look so we stared hard at the ground. While returning home the three of us discussed the nature of the students, some of them were more confident whereas the others were shy. Intelligence though was in abundance. Some of the students struggled in English, a reminder of how dismal school level teaching can be as all of these students had passed at least 10th if not 12th.

Our next stop was at ETASHA’s office in GKII. Ian enquired about the day and we happily obliged him with details. We ended by telling him about Haldiram’s photography mishap giving him the perfect opportunity to take a jibe at me.  Ian and I like doing this.

The same day we met Meenakshi aunty, the president of Etasha and Mini, a facilitator with Etasha. We informed them about our day and were then told about many new projects, some of which we’ll take up over the next few days. As we do take them up we’ll also write about them. Till then, back to work.


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  1. Quite an admirable work..every details has been mentioned and that adds to the interesting read. Well done and keep up the good work!

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