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Raushan Tara Jaswal

As Sylvia Path rightly puts it –“By the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it and the imagination to improvise.” I’m Raushan Tara Jaswal and a second year student pursuing law in Amity Law School, IP University. Law students are required to have six of internships for them to graduate; hence I am doing an internship with ETASHA for a period of 2 weeks in June.

I could have been interning at any law firm or under any lawyer, but I wanted to be an overall groomed individual and that is why chose to do an internship with an NGO. I came across several NGO’s I was looking for an internship. But what struck me about ETASHA was that they had a highly efficient and organized website which showed that they needed interns in certain recognized fields. I knew that thereby they wouldn’t make me do general work. The areas that particularly appealed to me were the fields of blogging and research. Hence, my love of reading and writing had a perfect outlet. Without thinking much about it, I immediately applied to the organization. I was contacted within two days by Parul Ma’am and instantly taken aboard.
Even though, I am interning here only for two weeks, on my first day here, I felt like that it was going to be a very limited time to explore all the avenues and the working of this organization. I was put under Ian sir, who has been an educative, patient and an encouraging mentor.

My hobbies are listening to songs, playing drums, photography, reading, writing and last but not least – blogging. In my own way, I wanted to have an impact on the social issues by making the people aware of the different social issues affecting our country.

I am here to work on their blog and write posts on certain unaddressed issues like how ETASHA functions in making the youth more employable, the issues faced by the country’s youth, the challenges faced by them while looking for jobs and so on. Being of the same age, I thought being engaged in such a noble yet an empowering cause would benefit me in more ways than one. And let me tell you, I am not disappointed. Brushing up on writing is only an excuse for me at this point; it is just a new experience to learn about a variety of social issues and what the country’s NGO’s and the government (at some instances, even together) are doing for this.

Working with this organization and learning all the more about it has been an enriching experience for me, at the very least. I hope I was able to contribute in whatever way possible to this amazing organization. It’s an unique organization and their work speaks volumes.

Raushan Jaswal


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  1. meenakshi nayar

    All the best Roshan. I am sure you will become a successful lawyer with a broad perspective and a conscience..

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