Follow up on Kiran Chandor – Stories of change 8

Kiran Chandor
On Sunday the 3rd of July I had gone to V3S Mall to interview trainees from Batch 42 who passed out in 2010. A close knit group, during the course of the program they all bonded and now meet on a regular basis. As we all sat together, I soon learnt that Kiran works at the Café Coffee Day on the ground floor of the same mall. I was very excited at the thought of a possible meeting with her since I had already heard about Kiran Chandor as I had read the story previously been done on her life. Kiran story has been previously been covered by ETASHA Society. To read this follow up on her I recommend you first go read the blog written on her by Ian in December,2010 and then you shall know her much better. In May 2011, she was also featured in Times of India and that article can be read in our archives.Ok now since you know all about Kiran let me give you a peek into her current situation. Kiran is still working with Café Coffee Day and loves her job even more now. Her employers are extremely cooperative. She recently took a week off from work to give her final year Delhi University exams and not only was her boss kind enough to give her time off, they did not cut any money from her salary.

Kiran is working very hard these days as in a couple of weeks she has her evaluation. She is extremely excited as she is going to receive a salary hike and maybe even a change of position. She tells me, “This job is my dream come true. I never knew I will enjoy it so much. Even working 10 hours a day doesn’t seem like a burden.”

I wish Kiran all the best for her evaluation and we promise we will update you on her salary hike in a couple of weeks.

Namrata Sharma