An Aspiring Entrepreneur!! – Stories of Change 7

Anil Kumar


Anil Kumar
The drive to Anil’s house is simply beautiful. On both sides of the road are huge green fields, the sight is serene and the cloudy weather makes it even better. The minute we get out of the car a young man bends down to touch Ian’s feet and it’s pretty clear he is Anil.
This is the story of Anil Kumar, a jovial young man living a simple life and yet not scared to dream big.

Anil after completing his class 12th pursued a 2 year design course, Draftsmen Mechanical and then joined ETASHA society. He reminiscences his school days and tells me how those were the best days of his life.

He was a notorious child who lived a carefree life but with time came a sense of maturity and with ETASHA he feels he changed from boy to man. I ask him how and he says, “I did not learn as much in my 12 years of schooling as I did in 3 months of ETASHA. I became aware of my duties and responsibilities.”

Anil has 2 elder sisters who are happily married and at present is living with his mother who works as a farmer. At one point, Anil has also worked with his mother helping her to cultivate their land. His mother’s income varies as per the produce and the season. Oh but wait that’s not it!!

Anil happens to be happily married and we have the pleasure of meeting his wife. He got married on November 2,2008 and feels his life has just become better ever since. The young couple looks extremely happy together and one year ago they were blessed with a baby daughter, Kritika. He can’t stop smiling as he talks to me about his daughter.

Anil and his wife.

Even in today’s world a girl child is often considered to be a curse but Anil’s view is absolutely the opposite. He adores his daughter and tells me, “These days boys are more troublesome and often have a negative attitude, they only waste time. Girls bring in positivity and my daughter has done just that for us. She is a blessing.” I then ask him if he has any plans for his baby girl and he proudly says, “Yes, I want her to be very educated. I will provide with her a good education and then she can decide what she wants to become. I will support her in all her decisions.”

Anil works at a design firm in Manesar and earns Rs. 10,000 per month. He loves his job and even shows me some of his designs but like everybody he also wants to grow. I ask him about his future plans and he says, “In some years, I want to open my own design firm.” I am filled with excitement and so is he as we talk about the idea of him setting up his new firm. Then he tells me something that takes me by surprise; not only does Anil wish to open his firm he wants his wife to co head it with him. Anil tells me, “My wife has done her class 12th and she is very capable of working. So, I have started teaching her how to design at home and by the time we set up the firm she will be perfect. Then we both will run our company together. Maybe someday my daughter will also choose to join us.”

Anil stands proudly next to his new bike.

I am pleased to hear the way Anil thinks. He has changed his whole life around. There was a time he would struggle to even buy himself decent clothes and today time has changed for him. He has now bought himself a bike and feels he will soon fulfill all of his families dreams. He has set a target and is more than happy to tell me, “By next year I will buy a fridge for my house.”

Anil is a complete feminist and I am pleased to hear his plans for his wife and daughter. He is broadminded, polite, courteous and I am very sure he will become a very successful entrepreneur.

Namrata Sharma


3 thoughts on “An Aspiring Entrepreneur!! – Stories of Change 7”

  1. much liked.. superbly written and an inspiring story .. a big thumbs up for his dreams!!!

  2. I remember Anil from the ITI classes he was focussed & very motivated. He had chalked a plan to achieve his GOALS in life. ALL THE BEST to him & his family. Keep going & dreaming big – thats the road to success.

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