Carefree Youth to a Responsible Young Man!! – Stories of Change 6

“What would this world be without teachers? My dream job was, is and will always be teaching.” These are the words of Kanhaiya Lal Sharma who hopes to teach Mathematics to young children and I see his face light up as he talks about becoming a teacher someday.

Kanhaiya has done a 3 month course in teaching from Amar Jyoti School but he knows that is not enough. Having done his graduation in Bcom Pass through correspondence from Delhi University he is now pursuing CWA (Cost and Works Accountancy).

CWA is a relatively new branch of study in the field of business and commerce. A cost accountant can facilitate strategic decisions in respect of diverse economic activities of an organization where he/she is employed. 25 year old Kanhaiya is hopeful that he will step by step clear his CWA exams and he is filled with pride when he says, “My salary pays for my CWA coaching, my parents no longer need to provide for my education.”

When I ask how he got his job he replies, “ETASHA helped me secure this job. They had more faith in me than I ever did in myself.” After completing his graduation, Kanhaiya was not doing anything productive with his life but he feels all of that changed once he joined ETASHA and now he can notice the transition in himself from a carefree youth to a responsible young man.

Kanhaiya is working with Mother’s Pride and is now posted in their new branch in a RMC Plant in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi. He works as an office coordinator and earns Rs. 9000 per month. So not only is Kanhaiya studying, he is also working and supporting his family financially.

Living in Shahdra, New Delhi with his parents and two younger brothers who are both studying Kanhaiya is the only earning member other than his father, a cab driver.  Together both of them try to fulfill the needs of the family and Kanhaiya hopes that soon his brothers will start earning as well which will make life much easier for them.

They are a close knit family; while Kanhaiya’s parents want him to work in Delhi, he wants to broaden his horizons and is open to going wherever life takes him. He has never spent on himself but that is about to change. “After months of saving up today I am finally buying myself a new mobile phone.”

I see Kanhaiya do multiple things at one time and he does all of them with equal enthusiasm. And he is getting ready to pass on that enthusiasm to the rest of the world.


A thought I read somewhere describes this young man in the best way,


“The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.” 


Namrata Sharma