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I sit across from Sapna as she gushes with happiness about her recent wedding, so when she tells me that she still lives with her parents and not with her husband, I feel puzzled but soon I discover that even though her parents have got her married, they are certain that the young couple can only live together once Sapna completes her graduation and is of an appropriate age. She feels blessed to have parents who recognize the importance of education.

At a young age, Sapna contracted polio which affected both her legs but most certainly did not affect her spirit. Being physically challenged did curtail her dreams but she was a fighter determined to live life on her own terms and so, she did.

Her willpower is what impresses me. When I ask her about her experience with ETASHA she says, “I changed two buses and travelled for over two hours everyday to reach the CSWC Program and it was worth it. It gave me exposure to the real world outside of my home.” Her batch mates from the program are now some of her closest friends and in Anandita Ma’am she feels she found a confidante. But for Sapna, the best part of the experience is that she was  placed with NetAmbit as soon as she finished the program.

Sapna with Bharti, her friend and batch mate from ETASHA

NetAmbit is a respected Financial Services Distribution company with over 3500 employees over across the country today. One of their employees is Sapna, who works in the customer relation’s department and informs potential customers about the benefits of their product. She loves her work; her enthusiasm to make progress has led to her salary being increased from Rs. 5,500 to Rs. 7,100 per month in less than one year.

Sapna’s income has literally changed the life of her family. She is one of four siblings and has taken it upon herself to help support her family. She is the major breadwinner in the house as her mother, who works as a labourer, only earns Rs. 3,500 per month. Till one year ago, the family of six was surviving on a meager Rs. 3,500 a month. She tells me, “Earlier, we had to think twice before buying necessities but now that I am earning we can at least fulfill our basic needs.”

For Sapna, her biggest support has been her family who never questions her decisions. Every month she hands over her salary to her family. When I ask her if she ever bought anything for herself she smiles and says, “I don’t need anything. With my income I just want to provide a good education to my siblings so that they can have a secure future.”

Sapna has one dream for herself though, “When one of my siblings start earning then I will save some of my income every month and buy myself a SCOOTY. It’s hard for me to even go to the market, if I ever own a scooty life will become a little easier.”

In the beginning of the interview I had asked her name and she responded, “Sapna, just Sapna.” To most of us our name often does not hold much significance but in case of this girl I feel otherwise. Sapna means ‘dream’; dreams that I see in her eyes, dreams that polio forced her to give up on, dreams that she has fulfilled and dreams that she fights to achieve. Her daily life is harder than most and yet she goes through her day with complete ease and a contagious smile.

A fiercely spirited girl, with a positive attitude, Sapna will definitely reach even greater heights in all aspects of her life.

Meeting some people inspires you to live a happier life, for me Sapna is one such person. She fits the tune that I am humming in my head even as I hear her story,

‘Aankhon mein sapna, Sapno mein asha,

Asha hai zindagi ; Asha hai zindagi

Main toh hu raahi meri manzil dur,

Par manzil tak mujhko jaana zaroor

Jaana hai zaroor.

(My eyes behold dreams those dreams give me hope & this hope is life. I am a traveler whose destination is a long way but nothing will stop me from going that far. I will go that far, I will go that far.)

Namrata Sharma

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