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A happy Kapil Kaushik







Kapil Kaushik
As the concept of a nuclear family becomes more widespread, it’s hard to find Joint families in the traditional sense of the word and it’s even harder to find happy joint families. Kapil Kaushik’s is one such family and it is indeed a pleasure to meet 3 generations living under one roof – his grandparents, his father, father’s brother and wife, his brothers and sisters.

Kapil is such a positive and happy person that it’s hard to tell that he has had a troubled childhood. On talking to his grandmother I find out that Kapil’s mother passed away when he was very young and his dad has been an alcoholic who did not help to raise his kids.  It was his grandparents who raised him and both his sisters, trying to do everything in their capacity to make life better for the 3 of them. Both Kapil’s sisters are now married and his grandmother is proud of what he has achieved. At this point his sister in law joins the conversation and says, “Kapil is a very sensitive boy, he is also very caring and for us he is like the star of our family.”

Kapil is presently working at E studio, a design firm where he is getting to learn more about interior designing. He earns a monthly income of Rs. 6,000 and proudly tells me, “I am incharge of getting the designs ready and I am in charge of the site as well.”  He lives as a paying guest in Delhi because commuting from his home in rural Haryana everyday  would take too long. Coming from such a closely bonded family I ask him if he finds it hard to stay alone and he says, “To gain something you have to give up on something else. I am doing this for my family.”







Kapil with his family.








After doing his class 10th Kapil did a 2 year course in designing towards the end of which he joined ETASHA Society. He tells me how the ETASHA experience will always be in his memory. When I ask him his favourite part about the course he is quick to respond, “The style of teaching. It felt like all the knowledge they are giving us is practical and not just bookish.” Even though now he has a stable job Kapil still wants to do a diploma in this line via correspondence. His belief is simple, “If I have more knowledge then my chances of making progress become much better. There is so much to learn in my field and I wish to learn it all.”

One thing that strikes me about Kapil is his patience and organized nature, he has a plan and he knows he is going to follow it. Every month he gives one half of his salary to his family and puts the other half in his bank account for paying his rent and other daily uses. He is smiling away as he tells me, “The best part about having a job is financial independence. Not only am I able to contribute to my families income I can even provide for myself now.”

Kapil’s grandmother, sister and aunt bid us goodbye.

As Kapil arranges for some snacks for us I go on talking to his grandmother. She tells me how she recently sent all her grandkids on a trip to Amritsar and then talking about their family problems she can’t help but cry. I hug her and tell her she should not worry, with kids like Kapil and god above all their troubles will go away. In return she says, “Beta, we old people have a tendency to take tension. If I am not getting tensed then I am praying for the well being of my family. Kapil has seen enough hardships now I pray his future only with holds happiness.”

Kapil Kaushik is a self made man. Being at the beginning of his career he is well aware that there is no shortcut to success but he is certain that with time he will achieve all his goals. And I am just happy to have met such a vivacious boy and loving family.

Namrata Sharma

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