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Some people are born free spirited. While they are dedicated towards their job and well aware of their duties, responsibilities; what matters most to them is to live life to the fullest. Vikas is one such free spirit who stands by the motto ‘Live life, King size!!’
At the end of a long day, after Vikas has guided us to the houses of his fellow batch mate’s we finally reach his village. He is excited to show us around though we are warned not to wander off alone. We meet his family and then settle down for the interview. I almost feel odd starting the interview as after spending the day with Vikas I feel I know more about him than I could ever find out in this discussion.
Presently doing his Ba program final year via correspondence from Delhi University, Vikas is also excelling at his job. He works at Desein pvt ltd, a South Delhi based mechanical design firm where he earns a monthly income of Rs. 10,000. He is a dedicated and hard working boy but at the same time he tells me, “I work hard for most of the week but if I only focus on work all the time then when will I enjoy my life. So I balance work and leisure time. That’s the key to my happiness.”
Vikas lives with his parents, brother and brother’s wife. He is extremely proud of the fact that apart from his mother who manages the home everyone else in his family is earning. His father works in a private company and earns Rs. 8000 a month, his sister in law earns the same amount teaching accountancy to class 11th students and his brother earns Rs. 9000 working as a Supervisor in Hero Honda. Together the combined income of the family is enough for them to live a comfortable life.

Vikas with his family.
Vikas is the youngest in his family and is definitely pampered by everyone. You can see a streak of mischief in him but at the same time he has an ambitious side. He wants to keep working harder so he can achieve more. His secret ambition has always been to study further and become a teacher and he tells me, “After studying from the teachers at ETASHA Society I became even more sure I want to take up teaching someday.”
The quality that strikes me all day about Vikas is his attempt to speak in English for most of the time. At times he struggles and even corrects his own mistakes but he now has the confidence to converse in English. He does not hesitate at all and I know he has made a lot of progress. His outgoing nature and high spirits will take him to great heights.
Namrata Sharma

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  1. I am So glad that we are making some changes, and effecting their lives in such a positive way. It is such a joy to be enjoying what you do, and getting such tactical results

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