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Abhisek Mallik
Changing Direction: Abhishek Mallik

I am from computer science background, and was working with Axis Bank in their IT department. Undoubtedly, financial firms pay you well but after a year I realized I am not passionate about working in that sector so I quit my job in January 2014 with a hope that I will figure out what I love doing.

After couple of months, I had a vague idea that I wanted to be part of the training and development sector so I started to look for such companies. I had a doubt that big corporates initially might not offer me any significant work. Hence so decided to volunteer with an NGO.

I was looking for an NGO in this domain in the NCR. I was going through details of NGOs on Give India, and came to know about ETASHA Society. As I gathered more information about them I appreciated their commitment and decided to volunteer for them. To my surprise, within 48 hours I got response from them.

So, I joined ETASHA in May 2014 without any idea about the kind of work or assignments I was likely to work on. I begun my work with Ian. In the first week, I worked on their online gallery. After a week, I got a chance to work on their CRM tool, along with one intern, Prakhar.

Making the CRM live was quite a significant project. It provided us a chance to mix technology with training. They (ETASHA) already had a CRM application developed by Accenture, one of their funders. Mine and Prakhar’s responsibility involved clearing the backlog data in database, checking for inconsistency in data and repairing it, getting to know the ins and outs about the CRM and designing and delivering a training program for the ETAHA faculty and staff.

On the technical part Prakhar and I were quite comfortable. But on the part of training we were less so. We came up with slides to explain CRM and then had a meeting on our presentation about a few days ago with Ian. During the meeting with him it was pretty clear that Prakhar and I had been on the wrong path in how we should deliver the training. It became clear that we should instead concentrate less on the technical aspects of the the tool, and more on the users’ experience and place more importance on how and why we should align what we are about to present with the day to day work of users, emphasizing the ease it might bring in their work.

Today, I have completed about 4 weeks with ETASHA. I got some exposure to training and learned more about coordination and working in a team with new people. Ian and Mini demonstrated to us how one should keep calm and guide juniors through their mistakes and doubts.

I really love everything about ETASHA. It makes me feel energized when I see myself surrounded with people who are very passionate about their work. They have a very fine mix of work with fun. These could be some of the reasons that people who even after leaving ETASHA always stay in touch !!!

Abhisek Mallik

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  1. So true – great work getting the CRM tool up and running and the training rolled out – both you and Prakhar. Ian

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