So Long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen Goodbyeeeeeee…….

So long, Farewell…….

29th May was the last day of our Employability Enhancement and Communication Skills Programme at ITI Sirifort……..farewells have always been difficult for me….even until today today a momentary feeling always crosses my mind, “God! Hope I have fever so that I don’t have to face it”….. whether it was my school farewell college farewell or my farewell party at my job or my Vidai…….it was always dramatic (like any Ekta Kapoor serial!), as if the world was coming to an end and we wouldn’t be meeting again.

Facing the Crowd…

BUT not all farewells need to be sad….this was going to be a celebration………marking the successful completion  of the EECS Programme which started in November 2011, training over 600 girls in Spoken English in  inter and Intra-personal Skills, Social Confidence and World of Work. We were a team of at least a minimum five facilitators who were there every day!!! Seeing our trainees grow, improve and loving and demanding more of the sessions kept us all charged.

No doubt it was a challenging journey for all……from scheduling to keeping track of the sessions to having a mix of sessions and facilitators and also to keep up with the timeline in spite of the hazaar holidays…… guess we at Etasha thrive on challenges and showed exemplary team work (even if I may say so myself)!!!!

Each facilitator got a chance to be with all the batches, hence got an opportunity to know all the 600 plus girls. Other kinds of challenges that we faced in the classes were like “Oh Ma’am/Sir you have forgotten my name,”….(when we were away from the project for a while –  so heart breaking!) or “Ma’am/Sir, you haven’t taken our class for so long!!” or “Ma’am/Sir, Aaj class main mazaa aa gaya, har roz kyon nahin hoti hamaari!” or “Can we have more of role plays?” or God! I could go on and on……..

During the programme we had a series of inter batch ‘Just a minute’ competitions and from the last one selected the winners to have an intra batch competition on the final day. What a competition!!!  Arti the winner spoke on ‘Serials on TV’, mentioning the good and the bad and concluding by saying “I don’t think it is an idiot box, there are lots of things one can learn from it!!”, Alka, the first runner up spoke very well on the cons of ‘Population’, and concluded by asking people to ‘take precautions’ and Cheshta, the second runner-up spoke about her mother being her ‘favourite person’ and concluded by inviting us over to sample her mother’s cooking. It was a proud moment for us all, to see them on the stage and speaking in English with conviction and determination to beat their hesitation.

Anjali and Mehjabi stole the show with their jokes, riddles and sharing of experiences. Mehjabi wrote a beautiful poem in Hindi and recited one on teachers in English. She shared her experiences of a few classes that she enjoyed which were making a presentation, pronunciation. Anjali brimmed with confidence shared her experiences and invited other trainees to share their experiences. Pooja touched us all with her speech where she said, “How can it be possible that not one but all the facilitators are good in Etasha?

Sita shared that after the session on Telephone Etiquettes, when she had to speak to a Chinese person on the phone, she was able to

Cherishing Their Prizes

understand and also answered in English. Some spoke about how they enjoyed the ‘listening skills classes and have become conscious about the value of listening, also see the benefit of it when they go for an interview. Some shared that the sessions on interview skills were beneficial and how they are looking forward to go for an interview.

After the prize distribution came for Best trainee and prize for Best effort, I still get goose bumps when I’m reminded of how the auditorium sounded with all girls singing, “We shall overcome…..” matching word by word and in tune. What a way to end the show or start their new innings with a promise “We shall overcome……we are not afraid TODAY”!!!!!!!

Wishing them all the best and lots of love.

I know they will do us proud!!!!



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  1. Meenakshi Nayar

    Parul, you can’t keep your experiences to yourself…we have to share them with us!!! meenakshi

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