Shavez Rizvi – Losing his cool – and re-gaining it!

Working Hard…

CSWC – Customer Service and Work Culture is one of the most popular and effective programs conducted by us at ETASHA.

It prepares them to find a suitable job for themselves and to adjust accordingly to today’s working environment. Today, wherever you go or whatever you do it is important to have good communication skills and to be able to present yourself well. CSWC is designed to train and place young people into service sector careers.

I met Shavez Rizvi at ETASHA’s Madanpur  Khadar centre.  Shavez is 19 years old and is pursuing his 12th class. He is quite pleasant with wisdom beyond his years. He belongs to a big family, he has 7 brothers all younger to him and his father does embroidery work in a factory. He understands he has a huge responsibility of working alongside his father to help bring up his younger brothers.

A year ago he was so eager to help his father that he picked up a job in a leading menswear showroom and started working as a sales assistant. He faced many difficulties since it was his first job and he did not know anything about customer service or sales. He could not speak English well and was very shy talking to customer –  most of the customers could not understand his pronunciation so lost their patience while interacting with him. He is aggressive by nature so it was not easy for him to take on the angry customers. So one day it happened!… He lost his cool and shouted back at one of the customers and was chucked out of the store.

He felt lost, he always wanted to pursue a career in customer service… his dream is to be a GM of a retail chain one day…. But now he felt he was not fit to be in customer services sector. Around that time  he met one of his friends who had completed his CSWC course from ETASHA and was  working at “Lilliput”.

He wanted to know more about the course, he liked it instantly. Firstly it was a short course, it will teach him all about customer service and secondly he would be placed by on the completion of the course. He found it very interesting that he could start working soon. He discussed it with his father and joined the course.

Today, he is near completion of the course and feels a lot more confident. His spoken English is more fluent now and pronunciation and diction are a lot clearer. He himself feels the difference. He has now learnt the actual meaning of customer service, has improved his listening skills and sharpened his selling skills… he is now ready to face the working world and this time he is confident that he will succeed.

He loved the way the course was conducted. He says that the facilitators are very  good, friendly and patient… and follow a wonderful style of the training which is  easy to understand. Apart from spoken English – communication, diction and pronunciation  the course has prepared him to work confidently in a competitive working environment.  Mock interviews, Role plays, and  Onsite visits  have given him first hand experience of  how to conduct himself  in a corporate environment. He has learnt how to deal with customers, improve his social skills,the  importance of grooming, telephone etiquette, basic computer skills and Internet usage.  Equipped with this knowledge and improved spoken English has filled him with confidence and eagerness to start his working life.


He told me that through the program he had gone for an onsite visit to  GIP, Noida. (a leading mall there). He observed the behaviour of the sales executives there – their smile, energy level, confidence etc., it was a great learning experience for him.

He said with his eyes brimming with confidence and hope for tomorrow that he was  thankful that he took this course as this has helped him to be a professional, now he feels that he is competent enough to find a respectable job himself and succeed in life.