Republic Day & Certificate Ceremony Creates Party Mood in Madanpur Khadar

Vivek, after Receiving his Certificate from Dr Vinay Bharat Ram

A party mood enveloped Madanpur Khadar on Wednesday as trainees from multiple batches of ETASHA’s training programs attended a certificate ceremony to mark the successful completion of their three-month long courses.

Jubilant students of 4 batches of CSWC (Customer Service & Work Culture), 1 batch of CODE (Computerised Office and Data Entry) vocational training programs, and of 2 batches of employability skills program MUPSE (Microsoft Unlimited Potential & Spoken English) came together to enjoy the party.  Many brought their families who joined ETASHA faculty, NGO partners, supporters and the local community to enjoy the certificate and prize giving ceremony, speeches, food and singing in a double celebration on Republic Day. Chief Guest was Dr Vinay Bharat-Ram, Chairman, DCM Group.

Along with certificates for all, prizes were awarded for Best Trainee and Best Effort in each batch. Recipients made outstanding speeches in their newly developed English skills, a remarkable achievement given the intimidating audience size of almost 150 guests.

Said ETASHA President, Dr Meenakshi Nayar, “Our certificate ceremonies come second only to the news of a successfully placed trainee as the highlight of our work.  To hear these young people speak so well and to see how far they have come in such a short space of time is so rewarding for all of us here at ETASHA. It really provides us with that extra motivation to keep going. They truly are inspirational.”

Santosh, pictured right is one such inspiration. He received the prize for Best Effort – CSWC 32. Santosh had been making a living washing cars in CR Park, using the little money he earned to help  support his mother who has long been the head of the family since his father died.

Santosh Addresses the Crowd

He was put in touch with ETASHA by CR Park resident, retired teacher Mr Chakraborty who generously sponsored Santosh’s fees for the program. Santosh did not enjoy washing cars and wanted to work in hospitality. After completing the CSWC program he took a job in KFC, Connaught Place and is now working at the GK -2, M Block market outlet which is nearer his home. Santosh couldn’t be happier both with his salary, which triples his previous earnings from washing cars, and with the job, which he loves.  So keen was he to attend the ceremony that he arranged to swap shifts to  be there, making a moving speech about his time on the program, one of the highlights of the day.

Dr Bharat-Ram, a long standing supporter of ETASHA, was full of praise for those who spoke. “When I was a similar age to the young people here, I did not have the confidence to speak to such a large audience in English. I am full of admiration for their accomplishments.”

Krishnendu Sengupta, Program Coordinator with ETASHA’s NGO partner Om Foundation, NOIDA said that the ceremony was hugely motivating for current trainees who could clearly see the effect the program had had on those who had completed. “ETASHA is providing a much needed platform for disadvantaged young people to begin careers in  high growth sectors. That is their USP and it is great to see so many recent graduates speak to such a large crowd.”

Special Guests Mrs Rita Bhalla, representing Asha4Education, Dr Suman Khanna Aggarwal, Founder President, and Mrs Naginder Rishi, Senior Vice President of Shanti Sahyog helped bring the formal ceremony to a close by joining the faculty, trainees and audience with a moving rendition of We Shall Overcome, before joining the guests for food and soft drinks.

Some of the Faculty
Some of the Faculty
Girls on SOngAn Appreciative Audience