Re-vamping the Blog

The ETASHA blog has gone through a re-vamp, courtesy of our great new intern, Namrata. Each week over the next 10 weeks we will bring you two new stories of change, featuring ETASHA trainees who have experienced life-altering changes since their time with us.  The blog will also features regular weekly photo updates from our community mobilisation team, a  weekend blog from me, and regular picture updates in our  galleries plus other articles and links to articles.

The first story of change this week is of young Santosh who got his long dreamed of job in hospitality after years  working as the neighbourhood car-washer. You can also read ETASHA faculty member Parul reflect on her third anniversary with us here at Please do bookmark us and send the link to those who may be interested in hearing about the positive changes being made to the  lives of disadvantaged young people.