Que Sera Sera, whatever will be, will be…..The future’s not ours to see…..

Putting it Together

In ETASHA, yes we can….please don’t think that we have started a programme in “Future Telling”.  I am talking about a session on Vision and Goals…. Just to explain a little more……. this concept is conducted over 3 sessions. Meenakshi, thanks for introducing this concept timely! I’m sure Anindita, Arjumand and Aparna would agree with me here………

Oh how I WISH I could turn the clock back in time and do the VISION AND GOALS session myself!!!! I realize I would have wasted less time in deciding what is it that I wanted to do in my life!!

I took my first session on Vision and Goals and what a session it was!!  Am just so full of the response the session got, that my mind is whizzing and my typing speed is just not able to keep up with all that I want to share……………

The concept of Vision was introduced with the help of an activity wherein they put the pieces of a jigsaw together. They loved doing the activity and treated it as a competition…. the group which had all pieces of the puzzle and the picture promptly completed first, and the group which did not have the picture of the puzzle came last. They joined the puzzle haphazardly and the picture was ambiguous…….this helped me to relate the picture of the puzzle which is our Vision and the pieces which are our goals………The group that had their picture (vision) was able to reach their vision as their pieces (goals) were in place and the group without their picture (vision) were not able to!!

After the concept and relevance of Vision had been done…I asked them to think and write their Vision statement!!

After a minute I heard someone whisper……”what do I write?”….”I don’t know what to write”…..  When asked it was very sad to hear “Ma’am humne kabhi socha hi nahin apne bare main….saare decisions mummy papa lete hain….” (Ma’am haven’t thought about myself……all the decisions are taken by my parents) just when another trainee shares that “Meri didi mere bare main sochti hain”(my sister decides for me).  When I asked or goaded them, “kuch to socha hoga” (you must have thought something), she replied without batting an eyelid that “Ma’am koi fayada nahin, mummy papa hee decide karte hain kya karna hai……yeh cutting and sewing course bhi main unke kahane par kar rahi hoon” (Ma’am it’s of no use, my parents decide for me………. and they have forced me to do this cutting and sewing course).

Two trainees, who are married said, ‘all I want is to have my husband earn money so that I can spend it on visiting places”. The other trainee shared “mera sapna hai ki main apne bête ki shaadi karke uske bachchon ko paalon” (My dream is to see my son married and take care of his kids).

Is this still the plight of the woman of today?  I have asked them to take out time and think about themselves……

“I, me, myself”……is this concept only confined to some lucky ones?????????


Hard at It


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  1. Loved your Post Parul…
    I have recently been taking the same class and kind of felt the same dilemma in other students too… Not just girls. Infact most boys are more confused, because they think they would fit in anywhere. whether engineering or accounts…

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