Project Niranter….ongoing improvement in the lives of rural girls…


The Project was initiated as a collaboration by ETASHA and PPES (Pardada Pardadi Educational Society) in the month of June at their vocational

Introductions and Body Parts..Day 1

School in Anupshahr for girls from weak socio-sconomic communities ā€“ the areas is rural and most girls are from farming families. The focus of this project is to provide Spoken English training for their Secondary and Senior Secondary School Students and also to train their English teachers in our methodology. A new batch of non English speaking staff will also be trained in Spoken English on Monday.


The program was launched successfully on 4rd June 2012. The students were enthusiastic about this project and all of the students in the coming batch were video recorded on day one to assess their communication skills by asking various questions by the facilitator followed by spoken English classes for the batches which are underway.


The students are delightful and have a constant thirst for grasping new vocabulary. They try to use them in constructing sentences in the classes. In two weeks their confidence has considerably improved and is patently visible them. Shard, a class 12th student in our batch is very focused and learns very fast and also takes out time to share a light moment. Manisha, also a 12th student is very dedicated towards her studies and constantly asks questions to clear her doubts and writes very beautifully in her notebook. There are many other students who share the same qualities and work with all their sincerity and dedication which makes our experience a memorable one.


Not just the school kids but the town itself is in a beautiful place worth visiting and is laden with mangoes this time of the year and the people are very hospitable. The city is in close proximity to the most holy river ā€“ the Ganga – and a walk along the riverside in the evening is a pleasurable experience. The villages dotting the nearby areas of this city are buzzing with life and everything seems quiet and peaceful once you find yourself going through the winding lanes across acres of farm land and lush trees.


The food, culture, people and environment is healthy and peaceful in this quiet and small town of Uttar Pradesh and Iā€™m looking forward to spending more time there over the coming 10 weeks.

Hard at Work!


Christopher Toppo

22nd June

5 thoughts on “Project Niranter….ongoing improvement in the lives of rural girls…”

  1. A great read Christopher….am going back this evening with Anindita and looking forward to seeing the girls..will say a big hi from you. Ian

    1. Thanks Ian , Would love to meet them and start off with their remaining classes. You have a safe trip too . šŸ™‚

  2. Meenakshi Nayar

    Can see that you are enjoying the experience, Christopher!! Look forward to regular updates….Meenakshi

    1. Yes , I’ve bookmarked the same. It has been a mesmerizing experience till date. Thanks Meenkshi

  3. The word Vadamozhi is used to denote Samskrutham. It is not crceort. Also misleading. It does not belong to north or south. It is universal language and belongs to all people of the world. Politics should not be brought into naming a language.

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