Once Upon A Time…..

ITI Girls….hard at Work

Once upon a time there lived a girl. She was 18 years of age and was studying in college. Every day on her way back from college she saw an old blind man crossing the road and she often wondered how he could manoeuvre himself around the place with nothing but a stick for aid. One day while returning from college during the rush hour her gaze fell on this man. As she watched him struggle to get across the road to the bus stop, his stick collided with a signpost near the pavement and he fell. She rushed to help him and asked him where he wanted to go. He said his home was just down the road so he could get on to any bus which came along. Since she was going the same way, she offered to help him walk to his destination. She discovered, to her surprise, that he was a Professor of Psychology in a college affiliated to Delhi University.

This girl is Komal, and this incident greatly influenced her perception.

Komal (21), a very helpful and compassionate girl, joined the Jijabai ITI last year. Having been a student of Hindi (honours) at Gargi College; her Hindi is flawless. She is a part of a program called Computer Operation Programming Assistant (COPA) and is now completing her masters in Hindi from IGNOU through correspondence. While spending her time learning the “c” language, about hardware and software, she enjoys using Microsoft Word and is fond of the font “Comic Sans MS”. When asked what she liked about the course, she stated simply that she liked the fact that she also  gets to spend maximum time on the computer.


When I first met her, she was slightly reserved and measured each word, as we talked she opened up to confess  her love for old Hindi movies, dance and books, her  favourite authors being Premchand and Bhishma Sahni.

For someone like me who has studied Hindi only till the tenth grade, meeting someone a few years elder, who enjoys reading Hindi books, was an eye opener. Naturally the question that followed was, what she really liked about the authors, to which she replied that other than their unique style of writing, the issues they touch upon are extremely important and heartwarming. In her words “Unki Kitaabein dil ko chhoo jaati hain” (Their work touches the heart).

She stays in a joint family of twelve members in Begumpur and enjoys the walk from her residence to the institute. Her father is a property dealer while her mother is a homemaker.


When asked about her college days, she immediately replied that she was more of the “Padhaaku” (studious) kinds and spent a huge chunk of her time in the library, which is pretty obvious given her love for books.

As the conversation progressed, she mentioned that through ETASHA she has been able to do a bit of self-introspection, thanks to the SWOT analysis they conducted. She has identified her strengths as being honest, hardworking and helpful which is reflected in her anecdote. Her weakness, she says with a shy smile, is her emotional side.  She learnt to keep a check on her tears courtesy Pearl Ma’am of the ETASHA team.  In fact Komal was so inspired that she made that her New Year’s resolution!

Komal also stated that earlier she really lacked the confidence to speak in English. She was always afraid that others would make fun of her broken and unsure language skills. This was another obstacle she has been able to tackle with the help and guidance of the teachers. She now seems a much more confident version of what she says she was before joining the program.

As I asked about her ambition, she responded with a laugh “pehle yeh toh complete kar lu” (let me finish this one at least!). Though she hasn’t really decided about her future plans, she wants to get a job in a company where she can somehow bring her knowledge of the Hindi language and computers together.

We all really hope that things go your way Komal! All the very best !

Our blogger, Sneha is a volunteer and a student from Zakir Hussain College, Delhi University, New Delhi