The Foundation – Nidhi Awasthi’s Experience

Nidhi with her Students in Gurgaon

Six months at ETASHA calls for a celebration. CELEBRATION!!!! Wait a min…did somebody say assessment???Yup that calls for a SELF ASSESMENT of what I’ve been doing till now.

Based at ITI-Gurgaon, my interaction is with theses creative minds whom I’ve to shape for a better future. Well that should be easy. After all I have 6 years of experience in dealing with all think-heads, brainy chaps… hmm easy. Easier Said than done…

The experience which I would like to share has to be from the workshop with carpenter trade. This one really took me with a surprise. This has to start from Vikram. A guy who wouldn’t utter a single word in the first session. After much coaxing, all he said was “Ma’am Gareeb log hai, kya bole?” (Shouldn’t that be the reason for u to speak?) “Ok Vikram, just one answer and you are done in my class…Tell me your dreams” Whoa!!! That question ignited his thinking and here I got my most remembered trainee with the maximum change. That too in just a mere 10hrs and I moved one step ahead in MASLOW’s Hierarchy.

As the journey continued, so did my experience with “this” truth of life. Every day is a struggle, a challenge, a promise which I make to myself and I can say this with immense pride that I am more than content to see it getting fulfilled. As I move ahead on the learning curve I realize that I have a lot to learn but the congenial environment at ETASHA, great friends as colleagues and an overall opportunity to grow gives me the conviction that joining ETASHA was one of the best decisions I ever made. An organization which is working to train the under privileged for a new frontier, and I am a part of this revolution. The curriculum designed with extreme efforts to ensure a wholesome development and the industrial requirements serve as an important aid.

It’s funny how coming to the institute is a challenge in its own way. The ever so busy National highway 8, the mad rush of traffic, the never ending spree of beating each other at traffic signals the frowning faces are such a contrast to what I see at ETASHA. The ignited faces of my students, the sight of seeing them learn something new and the post-class chit chat sessions they have with me make me forget the world. Every day when I leave I am a more satisfied person.

As a wise man once said, “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where that should be. Now put the foundation under them.” And this is exactly what we are doing at ETASHA..and I am contributing my bit…

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