The placement Challenges- A post from our placement team, Mini Bhargava

Mini Bhargava

The group of youngsters we are dealing with are of the lower socio – economical status, they have many dreams & the motivation to fulfill them but lack the means & awareness to chalk out a path which will lead them to achieving their goals.  All they need is a guiding hand & encouragement that they CAN DO IT.

 In ETASHA we try to do just that. At the end of our 13 week program of ‘ Customer Service & Work Culture ‘ we help our trainees find jobs in their desired sector (Retail, Hospitality & Call Center ), to achieve this, we face many challenges in terms of relevant jobs, eligibility, address of jobs, trainees & their parents approval, job timings, salary & targets.

The process of placement starts from the registration, & is reiterated through out the course. The trainees are taken for visits to give them practical exposure to the sectors we place them in, there are sessions designed to give a reality check & path of progress. The trainees are helped to recognize their strengths & work on their weaknesses; they set their own goals in life & decide a path to achieve their goals. After being more equipped to make decisions on what they want to become in their life the trainees make a choice of the sector they want to work based on their strengths & interests. By the 12th week of the program we start fixing interviews for them.

 Now I would like to talk of the challenges we face in fixing interviews for them. We work on a huge database of companies who are looking for eligible candidates for entry level jobs, depending on the sector of choice we send our trainees for interviews. There are times we list out 20 trainees out of which only 10 are contactable as the rest have changed their mobile no. / switched off / moved back to their village / are not free on that particular day, we end up lining up only 10 trainees, at the time of feedback we learn only 5 trainees actually attended the interview, out of which 2 cleared the interview as the rest were not confident enough to clear the interview. We get excited that atleast 2 are on their path of growth. After a week we get to know that even those 2 did not join as their parents were not approving them of the job timings / them commuting / salary.

After ‘sooooo’ much hard work & coordination we are back to square one with 20 trainees to be placed.

After 2 years of being a part of our placement team, I still wonder whether we will ever be able to reach a 100% placement rate with all these challenges throwing us overboard time and time again.

The picture is not always so dark there are enough exciting & morale boosting stories where we have succeeded & placed many in good jobs with good salary that is helping them improve their life style & make a contribution in the family income. Our placement status is not so bad it is about 70% and the salary packages are ranging from Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 8,000. and sometimes with hard work and perseverance people have gone up to even Rs. 11,000 to Rs. 15,000 in a years time.

Which makes me believe that the light is still burning bright and the ‘challenges’, no matter how big, can still be overcome. We just all need to fight together

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