Meet Mini Bhargava: Placement Coordinator and Logistic Specialist


As ETASHA has grown rapidly over the last couple of years, many of its staff joined fairly recently. Mini Bhargava, however, has worked as a placement coordinator and facilitator for almost seven years, making her one of the few people that have been involved in ETASHA since its inception. She explained, “A few years ago, Meenakshi [Nayar] was running an initiative called EduServe. Soon after, ETASHA began, and since I had a few free hours every day, I decided to join, and I haven’t looked back since.”

Today, she does a little bit of everything, ranging from facilitating in the classrooms themselves to arranging job interviews for trainees. In fact, a regular day for her comprises whatever irregularities might take place, since she always has a variety of tasks to attend to. Nevertheless, she begins each day with a smile, eager to see what the next several hours will bring. “My favorite part about the job is the challenges I face every day,” she says.  “Whenever I get to the office or the center, there’s always something that pops up, and I love being able to get involved in new ways.”

Indeed, anyone that has seen her bustling schedule can attest to the fact that no two days ever look the same for Mini. I myself have observed her in eclectic roles: some days, she is at the office, working on coordination. Some days, she’s making phone calls to employers and companies, seeking interviews for trainees in search of work. Still other days, she’s at the centers themselves (both at Madanpur Khadar and Tigri), speaking with the faculty or taking a class. Ordinarily, she specializes in taking social confidence classes, but she can also teach “world of work” classes, which focus on helping trainees understand the reality of working in the organised sector. Despite everything she does, she still feels that much of her job is easy: her enthusiasm for her work makes it seem much more enjoyable and less tedious. Oftentimes, her excitement is contagious, and she brings energy and zeal with her wherever she goes.

Still, not all challenges are easy. “The toughest part for me as a placement coordinator is getting my trainees to join the workforce in the organized sector, and stick to their job for at least six months,” she explained. This not only takes initiative on her part, but also requires dedication and perseverance on the part of the trainees as well. However, she believes that the trainees themselves also face huge obstacles. “Their mindset and family background complicate matters for them. The environment they’ve been brought up in has instilled an overly relaxed attitude in them. They need the opportunities, and they may want them, but they don’t always recognize the significance of taking the opportunities for themselves,” she noted.

After so many years in ETASHA, Mini has accumulated a plethora of fond memories. Like many other facilitators, however, some of her favorite memories focus not on the changes she has made in ETASHA, but rather, the changes that ETASHA has made in her. “I never thought I could attend a computers class, much less teach it, because all my life, I never really wanted to use computers much,” she told me. “One day, Meenakshi asked me to train to facilitate a computer class, and I actually liked it!  She observed the class, and as soon as I finished teaching, I hugged her right in front of everyone, and I thanked her for seeing the potential in me—potential that I didn’t even know existed!” And like any trainer, one of the most gratifying parts of Mini’s job occurs whenever a former trainee comes back to visit, thanking her for the way that she and ETASHA helped him/her. “When a former trainee comes back for our alumni meetings and tells you how much you helped them and you see the joy in their eyes—that’s a great feeling,” she said happily.  Stay tuned to hear more about the people that make ETASHA such a special organization!

–Abhishek Bhargava (no relation to Mini, by the way:)

5 thoughts on “Meet Mini Bhargava: Placement Coordinator and Logistic Specialist”

  1. Excellent! Mini,Great going!
    you justify the saying that “You never know what you can do,until you try” ! Keep that enthusiasm alive and keep getting others around you “infected’!!!

  2. Hey Mini,

    Lucky to have you as a friend cum colleague cum a sounding board!!! Love you!!! Look forward to more fun times ahead.


  3. Meenakshi Nayar

    Abhishek, thanks for bringing Mini “alive” in the write-up!!!!… the buzz in the office is definitely different when Mini is around!!! God Bless Her

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