Meet Aarti Gupta: ITI Student and ETASHA Trainee

Aarti, speaking at the Certificate Ceremony


For some time now, ETASHA has been collaborating with the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Siri Fort center. ETASHA’s EECS (Employability Enhancement and Communication Skills) program has helped improve the employability of over 700 female students. These students first heard about ETASHA while they were enrolled in various ITI programs. One such student is Aarti, a 23-year-old who participated in the EECS program, whose family of five lives near the ITI center. From the outset of the interview, Aarti impressed me with her poise and confident speaking ability. Additionally, unlike many trainees, she did not speak exclusively in Hindi or English; rather, she found an appropriate blend of both languages to incorporate into her fluent answers.

However, Aarti wasn’t always the fluent and competent speaker she is now; she credits ETASHA with her marked improvement. “ETASHA has really improved my confidence when it comes to speaking English,” she said. Aarti first heard about ETASHA while she was already enrolled in ITI Siri Fort; since then, she feels that all facets of her personality have been improved. She explained to me, “ETASHA didn’t just help with intellectual skills—the anger management classes really taught me how to control my emotions. I used to get angered very easily, but now I’m able to deal with it in a better way.” Indeed, while I spoke with her, she seemed perfectly calm and composed, and maintained steady eye contact throughout the interview. While she loves practicing and speaking English, Aarti’s favorite classes were ETASHA’s Interpersonal courses. “They taught me more about myself and more about my classmates,” she elucidated.


Aarti’s hard work and dedication have manifested themselves in numerous accomplishments. In the inter-batch “Just A Minute” competition, contestants from different ITI batches were given a topic, which they had five minutes to plan for. They then had to speak for one minute in English and were judged on their fluency, content, and confidence. Among all the other competitors, Aarti won the competition on the topic of “television.” In addition, at the Certificate Ceremony that was recently held for the ITI Siri Fort center, Aarti was chosen to give a speech in English to an audience of several hundred people! She admits that a year or so ago, she would never have been able to garner the confidence necessary to speak at such a voluminous gathering. Her transformation has been amazing; more importantly, though, she has witnessed the changes ETASHA has made in her peers. “It’s really interesting to see the change in my classmates. Some of them were too scared to ever talk to anybody they didn’t know. Today, I see those same people, with the help of ITI and ETASHA, not being afraid to talk to their teachers, or other classmates, or any visitors; they communicate easily and confidently on a daily basis, something they could never have done before.”


Looking to Aarti as an example, one can safely surmise that ETASHA doesn’t shape trainees’ mindsets; it also moulds their personalities, teaching them to be better employees and more importantly, better human beings. The programs are developed to shape the overall well-being of its trainees, not just their short-term employability.

Stay tuned to hear about how ETASHA and ITI are giving people just like Aarti the tools to succeed in the future!

–Abhishek Bhargava

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  1. Hey Abhishek, Great observation about Arti! It was great fun doing sessions with the batch Arti was in……. in particular, she was participative and made sure that she noted and then tried the ways she could bring behavioural changes in her. So positive……took her feedback seriously as her goal was always to improve! So proud of her! Wish her all the best in life!!

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