Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

Faculty and friends of ETASHA are running in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and Great Delhi Run on November 27th to raise funds to train 100 young women as teachers at ETASHA IGNOU Community College in Madanpur Khadar, a cluster of slum colonies in South Delhi.

ETASHA Airtel Marathon

Girls will train in one of the following programs:

  •      Certificate and Diploma Programmes for Early Childhood Care Givers and Educators
  •      Certificate and Diploma Programmes for Elementary School Teachers
  •      Certificate Programme for Computer Teachers

These programs have been specifically chosen in order to train girls for their dream jobs, which are also in demand in the employment market.

Young people from disadvantaged communities face many hurdles in joining the formal economy – lack of quality education, skills, social confidence, communication and language problems and often issues with grooming and etiquette.

Young girls face even greater barriers, including parental pressure to marry and keep house, to community pressure to only take ‘respectable jobs’ and limitations on being allowed to travel ‘too far’ from the family home. In this context teaching is the perfect career choice. It is a respectable, much sought after and prestigious career for such young girls; not only does it provide a good salary, but also fits in with raising a family and provides her with status in her community.

 We plan to charge our students only a very nominal amount as investment in their development. The rest of the money we must raise ourselves.

We must raise Rs.10, 00,000 (Rs 10 lakh) before January. Approximate cost is Rs 10,000 per trainee.

Please help us to raise the funds. All donations are tax exempt under 80G.  We will give you a receipt for cash or cheque, made payable to ‘Concern India Foundation’ – Concern India will also give you a receipt and you can monitor our progress at ETASHA’s page on the Concern India website at where you can also pledge online.

We are calling our campaign ‘Making Strides’ and we hope you will help us to make great strides in empowering disadvantaged young women in India through vocational education for their brighter future.

Please help us to grow and fulfil their potential.

With very warm wishes

 Ian McBride

Contact No.: 9810364838

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