My Experience in ETASHA – Love Kumar

Love Kumar

“How can I help others/contribute to the society?”

This was thought which I used to have till I found ETASHA Society.

Hi, my name is Love Kumar and I work for ETASHA Society. ETASHA has truly shown me the way, through which even I could also do my bit to the society and working here gives me an unsaid and undiscovered satisfaction for which I have always craved for. There was a time when I used to think that the only skill I have is teaching English and I wanted to do something for the society through my this skill, there was also a time when I also used to think that perhaps my this skill is of no use to the society. But then I found out about ETASHA Society. ETASHA has made me believe that everybody can do something for the people/society which also helped me regain my confidence in the value of the skill I have.

Here, I would also like to mention Meenakshi Ma’am without whom society would have not been such a close knit group and worked in so many areas and yet be so well managed and productive for so long.

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