Intern: English Lessons


From Wednesday, February 8, 2012:

I was quite pleased with my lessons this week at Madanpur Khader. My first class at that centre was on Monday, and the students were a little shy. They also told their regular teacher, Aparna, that they had trouble understanding my accent after the lesson. However, at the end of class, they asked me if I was coming back Tuesday, and when I said, yes, they all seemed very happy.

Tuesday’s class was on prepositions, so I was able to do some fun activities with the students, like playing “Simon Says”. At the end of class, the students told me that now they were a lot more comfortable because they had already heard me once, so my accent was no longer a problem. Again, they asked me if I was coming tomorrow to teach, but I had to tell them no. This lead to some students saying: “But, Kristina ma’am, you have to come tomorrow!” Needless to say, I was very touched.



Students hard at work

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