My feelings on working in ETASHA

Hi everyone,

I am Krishanu, the latest addition to the ETASHA team. My mom has been working in ETASHA for around two years now.

I got the job when I had come to pick her up from office one day, where Ian who is the communications coordinator offered me a job.

My job was mainly to spread awareness through the internet  about the work that ETASHA does, and to get people interested in ETASHA.

And at the time I was offered the job only for a period of one month..

Frankly, when I joined ETASHA I did it just because I was free and also wanted to work.

But then after joining ETASHA I got to know about how organisations function, how you are supposed to behave in your workplace and now when I tell people I am so proud.

You know it is a different feeling that you get when you are working at the age of 18.

After one week of my joining the job I was offered to continue with the job and I happily agreed to do so. And I did so because of the work atmosphere that is there in the office.

The work atmosphere in ETASHA is great.

ETASHA is one place where there is no politics, nobody backbites and everybody enjoys doing their work because they don’t have to worry about these things.

We all work in perfect harmony.

At ETASHA there is nothing like ‘I am elder to you or I have been here for a longer time than you so I will order you to do things’ and stuff. Whatever respect we give to our colleages comes from within.

And also there is no concept of necessary salutations including our president Dr.Meenakshi.

OK then bye for now. Will write soon.