Karvan Chalta gaya, Raste bante gaye…

Yes Sir, it does make a difference!

When I heard this from one of the trainee, it resulted into a hurricane of emotions and the thrust was strong enough to make me write this on Etasha’s blog. When I joined Etasha some time back as a facilitator at ITI Rohtak with lot of hopes and of course lot of questions prevails about the journey ahead. Rohtak is different from Delhi, students come from rural areas and have studied in Hindi medium schools. They not only have phobia for English, but over a period they have in a way become allergic to ENGLISH. Journey seemed to be tough. As a strategy I started keenly observing Ian, Anandhita, Parul, Mini and others. They are truly masters. Their style, their energy level and above all the way they wins trainees’ participation is superb. Combined this with Etasha’s proven methodology and excellent study material developed under Dr. Meenakshi Nayar’s able guidance really helped in moving forward. My colleague and Friend Love provided a lot of direct support and after that to Karvan Chalta Gaya, Raste Bante Gaye.

Now they have confidence to use English as recently during one of the exposure visit of trainees to a restaurant” it was amazing, to see how frequently and effortlessly they (trainee) say, please, sorry and thank you. Indeed it is a big difference – a difference from they had been earlier.” The difference not only felt by the trainee but also by their faculties, their friends and their parents all alike. It was, not only satisfying but also inspiring to hear from a trainee, after a lot of pondering and self analysis “ Yes Sir, It (Etasha Training) does make a difference, it does benefit”. There was a smile on face, depth and confidence in voice – which comes only with TRUTH

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