Intern: Madanpur Khader

Florent and Tauqueer with a potential student

On Monday, February 6 and Tuesday, February 7, 2012, I was able to visit and teach at the second satellite office, Madanpur Khader. Saurab (a photographer), Florent (a new French volunteer), and I were able to visit the community guided by Community Mobilizer Tauqueer.

It takes about an hour to get from GK (Greater Kailash) to MPK, and it is very difficult to find an auto to bring you there. Most drivers flat out refuse to travel to the area, claiming that they will not get any fare coming back from the colony. Still others hike up the prices. It can cost anywhere from 100-150 rupees one way. On Monday, Florent, Saurab and I had to resort to taking a regular rickshaw at one point. I think it is shameful that the drivers ignore a part of their own city. I am always thankful of the drivers who do go out there, as they must know or have come from MPK or a similar community.

Madanpur Khader Extension is the result of a government relocation program which began in 2000. The layout of the colony is different than that of Tigri (the second CDI site) because there was some initial planning for parks and paying shower stations. However, there is no septic system nor central water supply, and the community is bordered by a dry riverbed.

Madanpur Khader Extension

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