Intern: Field Trip


On Wednesday, January 18, 2012, I accompanied a colleague on a field trip to a semi-formal restaurant with the students. Although the students mostly spoke in Hindi, I was able to follow along for the most part, and they also made an effort to practice their English. The field trip is part of a social confidence class. The students had to budget, then order and pay for their food. Then we all ate together focusing on good table manners, and talked about the differences between the organized sector and the unorganized sector. The students did very well, and I had a nice time too!


The students pooled their money for the most part to be able to afford more expensive dishes. In the foreground of the picture, Eating!, we tried Raj Kachori, which this restaurant is particularly famous for. It is a fried shell filled with a yogurt sauce and drizzled with spicy red and green sauce. Definitely not my favorite food to eat. You can also see uthappam, or rice pancakes and dosa, a type of crepe filled with aloo (potato) to the left of the picture. Dosa is a personal favorite of mine. These last two dishes are Southern Indian food, which is usually greasier, but less spicy than the food in the north.