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Identifying New Sparks

Prasid Banerjee


The HT Shopper Post

The Etasha Society recently organised a certificate ceremony to mark the successful completion of vocational and employability skills programme by their trainees from slums.

Founded in 2006, Etasha has been working to provide vocational training, employability skills and formal economy placement to the underprivileged and disadvantaged youth in India. Renowned actress and activist, Sushma Seth who was the chief guest at the ceremony said, “Etasha is doing the valuable work of giving direction to young people who are starving for direction, guidance and training.“

The ceremony was also marked by the many bright young faces who have gained employment because of their endeavours with Etasha and can now look forward to a bright future and stable careers for themselves. The trainees spoke highly of Etasha and its endeavours and the big difference that the organisation has made in their lives. the success stories include people like Jyoti, a slum dweller in the area who has been placed as a web designer in a travel company thanks to the training she received at Etasha. Her salary is R 6,000 per month, which is more than what her father earns. “I used to be shy and used to live in my own world.
The training with Etasha helped me start my career. I passed out of a government school so my English wasn’t up to the mark but after Etasha, I have a job now and my English and other vocational skills have improved manifold,“ says Vipin Sahu who is now the office coordinator at a firm called Design Consortium. Other trainees have also been provided placements and job options at organisations such as Dominoes, NetAmbit and Lilliput and their salaries range from R5,000 to R15,000 which is much better than anything else that they could have hoped for.

Aparna Mudi, a faculty member at Etasha says, “We have been granted the IGNOU Community College status and look to expand our work in the near future.”

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