“I will prove to my father that I am no less than any boy”

Sanjay Kumar, a car parking assistant at Connaught Place, has always regretted having only one son, who is the youngest of his five children. 18-year-old Ambika is his eldest, and while she feels that being educated she should work to support her family, more than anything else she wants to prove to her father that she is not lesser than any boy. She joined ETASHA’s Programme to improve her English and prepare for a job.

“At school, my friends would never have to think about pocket money. I would always have to think twice before even buying an ice cream and I don’t want my siblings to face this,” she says.

Having completed the programme, Ambika feels her biggest improvement is in her confidence and communicate skills. “I would get extremely nervous and shiver if I had to speak, especially in English in front of other people. Here, every person had to speak in class, and so I gradually got comfortable with my classmates. We later had a class called the ‘Amazing Race’, where we had to reach an unknown address after completing a series of tasks. I had to speak to people at showrooms to collect information to complete my task and I felt really comfortable about doing this. I know after this experience that my overall confidence has improved.”

She also feels that she has benefitted from the Interpersonal sessions. “I had returned after getting rejected at a job interview when we had the Anger Management Session. It was a strange coincidence, the timing was perfect. I do get very angry and I enjoyed the session because I learned that I don’t need to control my anger but manage it. Understanding this will also help me at my workplace.”

Ambika is currently looking for a job in the retail sector. She wants to be a manager and prove to her father that girls too can succeed.