Happy Teacher’s Day!

By Tjasa Kosar

I never thought of taking classes in a foreign country as a volunteer. But when I visited ETASHA’s centres and met a bunch of curious and energetic trainees, I knew the biggest portion of my volunteering work will be with these kids. After a few Conversation Classes, I already felt how fullfilling the profession of a teahcer is, but that it is also a huge responsability. During our last Conversation Class in ETASHA’s Career Development Centre in Tigri, Khanpur (South Delhi), the trainees and I discussed who our teachers were, which ones changed our lives, and what qualities we seek in a teacher.

Before I present to you what our trainees share, I would like to share that they all remember the teachers who cared about them deeply. All of them agreed that teachers are our second parents, which is a perfect thought to carry on with on this Teacher’s Day.

Teena Gupta (CATT – 2)

“My favourite teacher was my Mathematics teacher named Prabha. She didn’t show me just my pluses, but also my minuses. She always tried to convince me to give 100% and she always helped me. In ETASHA, all facilitators, help me grow, especially through the Conversation Classes. I also love that teachers here teach us with so much patience, especially in Maths. But what I like the most is that they treat us with respect.” ~ Teena Gupta

Purnima Verma (CATT – 2)

“I feel very lucky because I don’t recall any bad teacher in my life. I remember all of them as good and helpful. I feel that teachers are not only the ones in schools, but also my parents and friends. A good teacher is helpful, polite and motivational. My play school teacher Mrs. Kulvinder changed my life the most because as a child I had no confidence, no knowledge, no memorising ability, and she taught me everything. She gave me the key to success. Here at ETASHA, I find all these teachers so helpful. In just a month, I already feel so many changes within me.” ~ Purnima Verma

Suraj (CATT -2)
Suraj (CATT -2)

“I like the kind of teachers who believe in you and explain the lessons in a way that everyone can understand. I remember my Economics teacher the most because I could go to him any time if I had any problem. I feel I will never forget how teachers at ETASHA came to my home and explained to me how I can do better in my life. What I like the most about them is that they never refuse to explain once more.” ~ Suraj


A good teacher is the one who motivates you to learn anything. I hated Math, but my teacher always took her time for me. I could even go to her home to practice Maths together. Now I love math. I feel the most important quality in teachers is that they believe in their students. That is why I love the classes in ETASHA. Teachers here always appreciate and motivate the students. If they feel someone is in a bad mood, they always want to know what is happening. And they are also interested in our feedback on the classes.” ~ Soni

Prince (CATT – 2)

“I think a good teacher is the one who interacts with his students in a polite way, and who is caring, helpful, inspirational and friendly. Good teachers care about the students. My Physics teacher was my favourite teacher because she always motivated me and made me understand the meaning and importance of hard work. Teachers at ETASHA help me understand how to behave, how to be disciplined and positive about life.” ~ Prince


As you know, for a student to learn well, a teacher needs to be trained well because outside of home, no one plays a more crucial role in a young person’s life than a teacher. This year we’re running a fundraising campaign for “Skilling the Mentors” to raise funds to train teachers (employability skills trainers, counsellors and guides) who work with the underprivileged students.

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About the author – Tjasa Kosar is 2015 EVS volunteer at ETASHA Society.