From Munich to Delhi

After a 7 hour flight from Munich, I finally arrived in Delhi – 6 month before, I applied for a volontary service in India at a German Organisation called ASA, they offer young europeans to volunteer in different projects all around the world.

Fortunately they decided to get me in!

My name is Annika Cichos and I am 24 years old –  I was born in Erfurt, that‘s in the middle of Germany and moved twice – now I am living in Munich with my boyfriend.I started my first apprenticeship at a Fotolab in Munich when I graduated school 2004. Three years later I became a Fotolab Manager and moved to New York for a 6 month internship at a filmproduction company called „On Screen Entertainment“. After coming back to Germany I started my second apprenticeship at the Bavaria Film Studios in Munich as a Media Designer for Audio and Video. Since I graduated I am working as a freelancer for the german TV and Cinema. Most of the time I work really close with the camera operator as a „Grip Assistance“.

Besides my work at the film industry, I really enjoy to get in touch with different cultures and different countries. I always try to travel a lot in my free time. Then a good friend of mine told me about ASA and the opportunity to work abroad with an NGO. I could choose between different countries and decided to apply for India – I‘ve never been here before but the culture and the beautiful country interested me already for a longer time. Then I‘ve heard about ETASHA and that they are looking for volunteeres to shoot an documentary about their work with the students in Delhi.

I arrived in Delhi 10 days ago

I met my colleague Urban at the airport and we are now living together at a nice place in Alaknanda. The first days were really hot and I needed to get use to the weather and the spicy food. Also travelling with the „Autos“ the first time was really exciting and a bit crazy. Every day it‘s a new challenge to get a good price.

The first days at work we were writing the synopsis for our documentary and visited the centres at Madanpur Khadar and Khanpur. Last saturday it was our first shooting day- a SPA company came to the CDC in Madanpur Khadar and had some interviews with the students.


Unfortunately we have some problems with the language- We don‘t speak hindi – thats why we are acutally looking for some students who can help us with the translation from hindi to english- today we‘ll have a meeting with a few.

Our second shooting day was yesterday in the main office of ETASHA in Greater Kailash- ETASHA invited a company to interview some of the ex- students. We have to start the editing for the next few days.

I am really looking forward to the next three month working with ETASHA.

4 thoughts on “From Munich to Delhi”

  1. Meenakshi Nayar

    Welcome Annika!! Looking forward to hearing about the documentary shot by shot…and to seeing it take shape!!!

  2. Hi Annika, I am sure your next three months will be really Amazing working with ETASHA. Excited to watch documentary. All the best.

  3. Hey Annika!!! you’ll sail through the challenges……from spicy south Indian food to hiring the auto to the day in the community on one of the hottest days……you were Grt!! Waiting to see the documentary! All the Best!!

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