Family visit in Madanpur Khadar

Third week –  we could do loads of interviews and already edited. After creating a schedule for our work we started shooting on the first Saturday of our stay. We followed a class of students having Interviews with a Spa Company, they were all really nervous but did a great job.

Through the next week we will edit a short film about the Spa Interviews but we still have to improve the footage. Last week we decided to do the interviews in Hindi and not in English – the students are more able to speak more freely and can tell us more details about their experience in life and with ETASHA. 

We are really happy to get the help of the volunteers who help us with the translation. Some more interviews for the students came by which were organized by Minnie, we also followed the English classes by Anil and Parul, Computer classes by Naushad, Sales classes by Parul, and Fatima did some sexual education for girls.

For the intro of the documentary we decided to shoot some pictures of the city of Delhi – so   we took the metro last Thursday and took a ride to the Chawri Bazar – walked to the Red Fort and decided to make some more pictures of the Main Bazar Road.

After the shooting and a hot and long day we went to  ‘My Bar’ and had a cool nice beer. 

2 days ago we were able to go with Shahid to his community in Madanpur Khadar.

He is a student from ETASHA who just graduated and is now trying to get a job through ETASHA. 

We followed him to his one bedroom apartment on the roof of a house where he and his wife with their little boy live.

They welcomed us really friendly and through the help of our volonteer Arunabh we could get some great statements of the family.

He told us about his background and how life changed after graduating the ETASHA program. We hope that he is able to get a job when we are still around.


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