Small Changes, Big Joys

One of the greatest joys in Training and facilitating is the reaction we get from the trainees from time to time.


All the heat, the frustration, the tiredness, the sadness of life is wiped clean with a few words from the people whose lives we are affecting. A little change in lifestyle is evident in their attitudes, in the way they hold themselves or even talk.

They try and motivate themselves to change a little of their behaviour, a shave everyday, a little less use of abusive language, a little more respect or their mother’s and sisters, a little less anger, a little more dedication to their current jobs even though they know they would move on to greener pastures.

Small Changes; Big Impact.

And after two months of working in ETASHA I have started seeing that change in the trainees who come here. I didn’t realize at first that it would be this noticeable. The boys who refused to sit with girls because they thought them to be inferior, now go upto them to ask their doubts, and motivate them to take a job and study more. The same girls who refused to tell their names now talk so much in class that it sometimes gets difficult to manage them. The same trainees who would be chewing gum in class or stuttering in nervousness, and would never look me in the eye when talking, now check me if I’m shaking my feet subconsciously. They correct themselves, share their small victories, ask for feedback and work on them, try to see the positives in others, motivate each other, try and solve things practically, they have become more punctual, sincere and if possible more stubborn in their eagerness to learn and progress.

It is not as if these changes are dramatically noticeable, but small incidences and their reaction to them makes it very clear, even to them how a little bit of support of family friends and facilitators has made them feel better about themselves and ready for a future.

A future they hadn’t thought was possible even a few months ago. And even if they did imagine, they never thought of how to realize them.

Glad I am here today to see these little smiles which warm my heart… and even in the scorching sun, make me realize “It is truly all worth the effort”

Small smiles, Big Joy….

– Aparna Mudi

4 thoughts on “Small Changes, Big Joys”

  1. All so true Aparna – and we (and they) are glad YOU are here today with us! Also love what you’ve done to the blog site! Ian.

  2. Meenakshi Nayar

    Love you Aparna…. for your sensitivity, your thrill in the growth and development of the trainees…and the lovely blogs you write!!!!

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