ETASHA Website Launched

At last! ETASHA is going global! Many thanks to Amit and his fantastic team at Paged Up ( who have created our beautiful website!  Visit us at where you can see a short video that illustrates why India needs organisations like ETASHA, read about our work, meet our team and some of our trainees and importantly, learn how YOU can contribute to the lives of young Indians. We would love your thoughts on our work either here on the blog (click on the comments link above each post) or e-mail us at

So come and visit us, and see how you can make change happen.


2 thoughts on “ETASHA Website Launched”

  1. ETASHA is yet another validation of my earnest belief captured in this beautiful Urdu ‘Sher’:
    “Kaun kehata hai aasman mein surakh ho nahin sakta,
    Ek patthar to tabiyat se ucchalo yaron!”
    …its all about belief,determination and above all persistence…and of course such attributes become contagious when demonstrated over and over and over again like ETASHA insiders are known to do…
    Keep the Good work going!

  2. Hey Shikha that’s such a lovely sher!! I’ll put this sher in my kids room…..!! just hope they don’t turn around and give me gyan on the ‘surakh’ being caused by the global warming!

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