ETASHA Growing

More programs at ITI Gurgaon, new programs at ITI Rohtak, our Barclays Shared Services program in place in NOIDA and in Sangam Vihar and Tigri, in addition to more programs at our own CDC in Madanpur Khadar has led to  some GREAT new additions to the ETASHA family.

From January to June we have had six new facilitators join us to cover programs in Gurgaon, Rohtak and Delhi.  First on board was the romantically named Love Kumar who last worked at NIIT; he is joined by Vijay to run our programs at ITI Rohtak. Nidhi Awasthi will run ITI Gurgaon with Vide,who joins us in her first role since completing her MA in Social Work. NIFT graduate Aparna Mudi brings her creative flair to our sites across Delhi, alongside fresher Vaila Sophie and Ashish Kumar Thakur who joins us from Greenpeace.

They are all excellent communicators chosen for their skills, talents, warmth, energy, positivity and their commitment to training to make disadvantaged young people employable. We are THRILLED to have them join us, and if early signs are sure, it  looks as is they  are already loving working here as much as we all do.