DREAMS – Personal, Precious and Priceless!! – Stories of Change 3

Sanjay Yadav

Sanjay Yadav, a young, vibrant, confident 26 year old walked into the ETASHA office, and while all the adjectives I have used above best describe my first impression of him, this impression is incomplete, because what now strikes me most about Sanjay, is not any of this but instead a trait that I doubt even he knows he possesses: his chivalry– the way he opens the door, let’s me walk in first and insists on sitting down only once I am seated. This is the story of change of Sanjay Yadav a young, vibrant, confident & chivalrous 26 year old.
Sanjay completed his BA from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University. His association with ETASHA goes back a long way. In 2007, he passed out from ETASHA Society and has been working ever since.

He tells me about his experience at the organization, “When I joined I was in desperate need of a job but at the same time I was very scared of sitting for an interview and most off all I was scared of failure.In my childhood, I had often heard the story with the moral ‘Try and try until you succeed’ but it was at ETASHA that I learnt the actual application of this saying. They taught me that the world is full of opportunities and I just have to grab onto them.”

At present, Sanjay is working for the Indian government in the Unique Identification Card(UID Card) Project. It was established in February,09 and the authority aims to provide a unique number to all Indians. It provides a database of residents containing very simple data in biometrics.

Sanjay dressed for work.

Sanjay is proud that he has a government job and boasts that he is now working as a Supervisor, earning Rs.8,500 a month. Being the Supervisor he often has to multitask and for him that is the most challenging and exciting part of his job. Though there are times he gets bored of his work he has never considered quitting his job. Sanjay confidently says, “Quitting is not an option for me, I just want to grow more now.”

I ask Sanjay if he has ever considered changing his job if he considers some of the work boring ;it does not even take him a second to say NO. He elaborates, “I am working for the Indian government and it is not much but I feel it’s my way of contributing to my country.”

Sanjay lives with his parents and younger brother and beams with happiness that he can provide his family with much needed financial assistance. When I ask him what he did with his 1st salary he replies, “I give my complete salary to my family every month.” He also explains to me how his family was always more insistent on him getting a good education rather than earning quick money. Sanjay laughs and says, “My parents still tell me that I should take another course to improve my English.They feel I should pursue further studies.”

For Sanjay happiness lies in doing things for his family and not for himself. He feels the biggest accomplishment of his life is that his family has now bought a house of their own. Filled with pride he says to me, “You feel secure when you know you have a roof over your head that cannot be taken away. It is a big relief and a dream fulfilled.”

I once read somewhere, ‘Aim for the moon and you will land amidst the stars’ and I see this approach in Sanjay. He has so many dreams for his family and his logic is simple, “Dreaming does not have a price tag.” As of next month Sanjay wants to start saving money to fulfill one of his own dreams and while he knows it will take him a long time he is determined to save and buy a 44 inch LCD Television for his home.

Namrata Sharma

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