Double Feature—Meet Karan and Kunal: ETASHA Job Club Trainees

The first class I ever observed in ETASHA was the “Job Club” class one hot afternoon at the Tigri center, taught by Mini Bhargava (but more on that later). It consisted of about ten or so trainees, all of whom were looking for work (or will be looking for work in the near future). I had the opportunity to interview 17-year-old Karan Singh and twenty-year-old Kunal Kishor.

One of the first aspects of Karan’s demeanor that struck me as unique was that although he spoke softly like numerous other trainees, he did

Kunal, on the day of a job interview

Karan, during a mock interview at Tigri

not seem shy or hesitant. Rather, he kept his voice down so as not to disturb the rest of the class, but still spoke with confidence. He went on to tell me his enthusiasm for English action movies, notably the Mission Impossible series and Harry Potter movies. Naturally, though, he also admires iconic Bollywood stars like Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif. His family of five lives in Madanpur, where Karan first heard about ETASHA’s excellent computer programs from one of his friends. After finishing the 12th grade, he enrolled in ETASHA to expedite the process of finding a job. “ETASHA’s classes expanded my knowledge on all fronts. Now I know more about computers, and my English speaking has improved,” he told me in fluent English. His natural-sounding accent impressed me as well; however, this is not too surprising, considering his favorite class is pronunciation. Karan elaborated, saying that ETASHA hasn’t just provided him with new information—it’s taught him how to apply this knowledge and put it to use in real life, a skill that will be invaluable to him in the future. Though he enjoys listening to sad songs, Karan still hopes for a brighter future: he sees himself as a bank manager in ten years. By improving his social skills and mental faculties, ETASHA has helped him along the path to this goal.


Like his classmate, Kunal spoke quietly, but still projected an image of confidence. And although he stumbled over some of his words, he did not let such errors faze him and answered every question in English to the best of his ability. Unlike Karan, however, Kunal‘s favorite actor is Aamir Khan, and he enjoys songs by American artists like Akon and Justin Bieber. His experience with ETASHA began when he happened to pick up an overturned flyer on the street; after looking it over, he decided to join an ETASHA batch, hoping to find a job in the workforce. Although ETASHA has no doubt given Kunal countless intangible benefits, he believes it has especially improved his English speaking abilities. He told me, “The teachers were very patient and helped me with my vocabulary and pronunciation. Before, I never liked to practice speaking [English] because I wasn’t very good, but now I practice all the time.” One day, Kunal hopes to use the social confidence ETASHA has instilled within him to land a job as Human Resources (HR) officer.


Stay tuned to hear about how ETASHA is giving trainees just like Karan and Kunal the tools to excel in the future!

–Abhishek Bhargava

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  1. With me so rarely at the centres these days Abhishek, this is a GREAT way for me to get to know the trainees!

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