Career Highway: Helping Students Choose Their Careers


By Monika Lust

One of the hardest choices young people need to make concerns what they want to study and what kind of a career they would like to opt for. With more and more diverse career options and professional opportunities emerging, there are unfortunately many young people who remain confused and end up in careers they are neither interested in nor have the aptitude for. So how do we help those young people?

We at ETASHA Society believe that proper career guidance can be extremely helpful for young students.

High quality career guidance can help individuals in self-assessment and self-analysis which are necessary in the process of choosing the right career for themselves. It will also help in identifying the various job options available and provide clarity on different job roles.

Career Highway

Career Highway Workshops are based on the 3P Model, which takes the student through the career guidance process in 3 steps:

  • Understanding Personality,
  • Recognising Potential,
  • Discovering the most suitable Professions / vocations / careers

The 10-hour workshop is conducted over a period of two days, i.e. 5 hours on each day. Career Highway uses psychometric tests, behavioural exercises, AIM mapping, action mapping and other methodology to understand the personalities of the students and identifying the best suited career options for them.

Participants Speak


“When I was a child I wanted to become a teacher. At the time when I joined Career Highway I was confused.  The workshop really helped me realize what I want to do in my future. I realized that I want to become an animator.” ~ Chitrani


“After taking the workshop, I realized that my interest is in social work. Now I am studying Bachelors in Social Work.” ~ Rahul


“Before I took the test I wanted to join Indian army, but I wasn’t sure if I was capable of it. Career Highway helped me clear my doubts. I found out that I have what it takes to become what I always wanted to become. Those tests really cleared my doubts!” ~ Devendar

These participants recommended Career Highway workshops to their friends because they said that teenagers are always confused about what they want to do in life and Career Highway workshops help them to concentrate on one thing and to arrive at a decision.


Our campaign  – “Twenty15in2015” – aims to raise funds to help underprivileged students choose the best careers for themselves through well-structured and highly interactive career workshops – Career Highway – designed and delivered by ETASHA Society’s career experts and guides.

Help us in our goal of helping many more students discover the perfect match of their interests and skills.

Start small. For just Rs. 1000, you can fund one student’s Career Highway workshop.

About the Author
: Monika Lust is GLEN 2014 intern at ETASHA Society.