Can I speak English???

Vivek: Text Mad…

But Sir, what should we do after class????…here we can talk to our teachers and students but once we are outside, there is no one with whom we can talk. We don’t live together, so we can talk to each other only when we are in class.”

Then I gave them the Idea of texting each other in English because I noticed they all have mobiles with them. This idea appealed to them especially with Prakash (name changed). He even asked for my number so that I can correct him whenever he texts me and from  the very next day he started texting me…

The other day I was in the Community for door-to-door visits and after finishing,  I went to a kirana-shop there. This lady at shop was asking her daughter to do something,  but her daughter was paying no heed to her. I asked, “Why don’t you send your daughter  along to us ETASHA?”’… Then I told her about  employability skill development programmes. She asked her daughter whether she liked the idea or not. She was skeptical. I started to talk to her in English and asked, “Why don’t you spend your summer with us at ETASHA this year? By the time your school reopens you would be speaking in English and all your friends would be surprised.

She liked the idea and was quite excited about it. She finally asked, “Can I speak like you?”…I was about to say something when I saw Prakash passing by. I called him and asked about the class and he started talking about it. When I told Prakash that the girl was doubtful as to whether she would be able to really improve her English or not he explained, “Even I had the same doubt before joining but now I can assure anyone that it really helped, one will really feel the difference after completing the course here and so you should join.”. This conversation helped her coming up with the sentence which I was somehow waiting for… “I will join for sure”…..

Vivek Bhardwaj