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IMG_0724 copyHi folks, I am Prakhar Verma. I am currently pursuing Bachelor of Technology from Dehradun Institute of Technology, Dehradun. After my 2nd year examination I had a break of 2 months and to make the most of it I thought of joining an NGO as an intern So my search started. I went through all the results thrown at me by Google and mailed my CV to them. ETASHA was the first one to reply and after communicating with Ian I was sure about taking up an internship with them for 6 weeks.

I entered the program in June 2014. I met my mentor, Ian McBride, who seemed fantastic. He had created an interesting and motivating list of tasks and assignments that I would complete during the internship. These included the migration from Excel spreadsheets of information to an online database application (CRM) tool, designing and delivering a training program for ETASHA faculty on the new tool and a designing and carrying out a database cleanse.

The project on which I am currently working is CRM Testing & Implementation. ETASHA was founded 2006 with a small handful of faculties and trainees. With time it has increased at a brilliant rate and has successfully trained more than 7000 trainees with the

Prakhar shows how it's done: Training ETASHA Faculty to use the new CRM tool
Prakhar shows how it’s done: Training ETASHA Faculty to use the new CRM tool

help of more than 200 donors and large organizations and has placed trainees in many organised sector companies such as KFC, Delhi Metro, Airtel, Barista and Bio Tech Software . Many interns and volunteers have also contributed to ETASHA’s success over the years. To store such vast data ETASHA needed a database – a CRM tool – to replace the many spreadsheets on which the information had previously been stored. Such a database was designed by ETASHA’s supporter Accenture, and was completed early in 2014. To shift the data into our new CRM tool, test the software and come with a process document and a training program is what my current project entails.

Customer  Relationship Management (CRM) is a system for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. ETASHA’s view is that trainees, donors, project partners and other stakeholders are all ‘customers’. To shift data to the CRM is a critical thing as it involves identification and removal of duplication, migrating data into the new database, correlating the data and at the same time test the CRM. Soon I have to give a presentation to the faculty describing the CRM, its benefits and have to come up with a training session which helps them in using CRM in an effective and efficient manner.

I would like to thank Mini, Ian for encouraging me and patiently answering my every single question and how can I forget Abhishek for being an excellent colleague. It’s my 3rd week in ETASHA and I am already in love with it. It has already taught me many lessons, which will definitely help me in building my career.

This society has taught me that the skill of an engineer can be used in every single area. Spending time with ETASHA has broadened my horizons as I met a wide variety of people, especially the facilitators, all of them having a varied background. I have come to learn not only my core interest of computer science, but also how corporates work, what CSR is all thanks to my brilliant and energetic mentor Ian.

Prakhar Verma



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