The Rush – Reflections by Arjumand

Arjumand Fatima

My journey with Etasha started 3 years ago but even now with every new batch and each new trainee my heart starts beating faster & a new feeling of excitement rushes into my blood as if it’s my first day and first batch. I have thought several times to put in all my experiences to words but failed as words have limitations & the feelings are boundless. As a facilitator & counselor I have witnessed several emotions among trainees – joy, sorrow, pain, anger, love, concern, anguish & excitement. They are the true reflection of your emotions.

Although I’m not good at writing but today after my individual feedback session I took the decision to introducing this batch to the world outside ETASHA.

After a month of training, the faculty sits with each trainee individually and we talk about their level of growth & changes and suggest them action plans that can help in individual improvement of the Trainees. CSWC 48 that’s the batch I was supposed to take the feedback session with. I asked the trainees to write a few lines about themselves, their inner self no introduction, just their own beliefs or an answer to a simple question “WHO AM I?”, and the answer I got is what I’m going to share with you.

This is a group of trainees aged between 18-26, staying in a slum, a few of them away from the family; but their dedication towards a bright future is marvelous.


Mamta – One of the female trainees, married with 3 kids, who lost the meaning of her life soon after giving class 10th exam, started expressing herself. She wanted to become a teacher but grandmother arranged her marriage against her will. She was too scared to even speak before her in-laws (which is very common in a conservative family) and gradually it led her to withdraw, leading to hesitation & lack of confidence even to others. Her whole personality was shattered. “Will people laugh at me or what will they think about me” were general concerns always on her mind, but still at some corner of her heart she had a desire to prove herself before her family & everyone so that atleast once she can proudly stand in the society. After a long time she has got a platform and she is not going to loose it this time because she has promised herself that along with the family name she wants to find her own identity.

Gaurav – Around 21, a very active, punctual, helpful & hardworking realizes a major change in himself and states that earlier he was nobody but now he is somebody and in future he will be recognized as one in his society. In his words” I have learnt that no one is great or dumb by birth, it’s the practical knowledge which have given me confidence to speak & present myself before others. I will always be thankful to ETASHA for having faith in me and building my confidence”.


Sarvender – Another trainee who is from U.P, the first impression you get is that he is older than other trainees, sincere, hardworking but slight dominating due to age factor.He introduced himself as a person who was happily doing MSC in Maths and taking tuitions in 2010, really contended & satisfied but destiny had something else for him.Due to some group clashes he had to run away from his place, the aim which seemed to be clear and happening a few days back was then totally lost. He lost his real self. He came to Delhi with no financial backup, he joined as a Guard and his self respect was totally shattered.

But now he sees himself almost waking up to a life. His pain, anger & feeling of rejection/failure instead of pulling him back is helping him to grow and he gives all the credit to the interpersonal class & the meditation/relaxation exercise that I have taught him. With each new day he sees himself closer to his target/aim and this gives him more energy to start the day.


Dheeraj – Youngest in the batch is a sweet, bright, confident, punctual & hardworking fellow from MP. You can really know his MP background by his Accent and pronunciation, for which he is working hard everyday & every minute. He sits with faculty everyday after the class to practice.

He himself accepts that he never waits for things instead he starts walking towards the target. He has changed a lot from day 1, a keen desire to become an engineer and ETASHA has helped him accept his desire in front of others & himself as well. He stays back late in the computer labs to practice computers too, in fact last week he got locked in the center as we presumed that there is no one in class as it was too late.


Abhimanyu – A very determined, matured, clear minded, hardworking and a focused guy is another trainee from this batch. The only weakness he finds in himself is certain sets of bad habits, although he has quitted smoking, tobacco/gutkha is one thing which he can’t resist. When we sat together I came to know about his habit and asked him to share tobacco with me but he refused saying that it’s a wrong thing and that was the end. Today he came to the class with a mouth freshener instead of tobacco. He didn’t want me to start tobacco so he left it himself. He has got high aspirations and is really working hard to achieve it. ETASHA is proud to have such trainees.



We have a cool, fun loving, strong built & enthusiastic guy in this batch- Mazhar. He was like any other youth in MPK before joining ETASHA. He himself confesses that he used to just roam around & had a casual attitude towards life. During the first week he was quite dominating and he used to cheat while solving worksheets but after just a month there is a tremendous change in him. He is the peacemaker in the batch and can bring a smile on crying faces. He admits that he has now got a destination and action path after coming here. He has started trying to speak in English even with his friends and amazes his friend circle now & then with his newly acquired skill. He is very happy as he has become the cool hero of his area. He salutes the entire faculty for bringing change in him.


Shahana – One of the brightest girl, belongs to a traditional muslim family but is taking all possible efforts to prove herself equal to any muslim boy to her conservative area. She is well mannered, bright, cheerful, active, hardworking & passionate. The only thing that she knows might pull her back is her dominating nature. When we sat together she accepts her weak point asked me to help her, although she is a good team worker but still the moment she forgets to control herself, she loses her friends. I suggested her to try few tricks and I observed her using them in the very next class and at the end of the class she was smiling to herself realizing what she just experienced. Its not “WE” who are bringing change its “THEY” who are making effort, we are just facilitating & nurturing them.


Asha – A very sweet, smart, polite, hardworking & generous girl is also a part of this batch. I still remembered the day of my listening skill class when she hugged me and cried like a baby. Her English is really good, she has spent 3-4 years in a boarding school but when her father went missing & whole family went into a crisis, she had to leave everything and came back to a place where all her dreams were totally ruined. Poor mother is afraid of society so she pours her rejection & anger on this girl. In this one month I have observed a remarkable improvement in her knowledge but at the same time the smiling & bubbly face is lost somewhere in her past. I can feel the pain she is having suppressed deep inside herself. I had a long chat with her and gave her some meditation exercises to relax her body & mind. She felt quite relieved that I can read her face. And I learnt later that she is devoting complete 10-20 minutes everyday to herself. And we believe she will be back to herself in the next 20-25 days.


WE – ETASHA are really proud to have such trainees and I really feel contended & satisfied when I see the spark in their eyes and the confidence building up gradually.

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    I am dharmendra
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    I got to this blog again to see Faiyaz’s comment…. But what a wonderful way to start the New Year… THANKS Arjumand. Love you lots and lots

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