Ananya, Pratakshya and Shreya Reflect…

ETASHA for us was truly a unique experience. It was an eye-opener which acquainted us with the murkiness of India. We could see how people were dealing with their everyday lives in such primitive and uncivilized conditions. We even came across the youth’s dreams and aspirations. Some of the people there were very determined but lacked appropriate assets. Many people there refused to have faith in us and were critical of our program and some even misinterpreted our goal. The reason for this is that there are approximately 20 NGO’s in Madanpur Khadar with different aims but unfortunately, their influence does not have a wide appeal among the slum inhabitants. The most distressing observation I made was when I witnessed an old man ,in the absence of proper orderly water, was forced to bathe with the sewer water. At that instant a thought hit me…that how privileged I am to have such a healthy and sanitary environment. While community mobilization we also met some touching souls. A man wanted his daughter in law to pursue education through this forum. This made us ponder over the fact, how slums are evolving gradually.

1 thought on “Ananya, Pratakshya and Shreya Reflect…”

  1. ETASHA reminds me of a beautiful Urdu sher (couplet)
    “Kyonki ghar se hai mazjid bahut door
    chalo kisi rotey huye bacche ko hansaya jaye”
    If only more people could turn to this form of worship,the world would truly be a better place to live in…

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