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Better for the Experience: Ananya Kanwar

Ananya Kanwar, a Class X student of Birla Vidya Niketan, and her friends Pratakshya Yadav and Shreya Talwar both Class XI students at DPS RK Puram, spent a month volunteering with ETASHA’s community mobilisation team in Madanpur Khadar and Zakir Nagar.  Here she writes about the the time there.

My experience of working for ETASHA society has made me renew or change the way I see things now. It has given an entirely new dimension or perspective to the way I think. It was something new,contemporary and unconventional and I’m glad I tried it. I zoomed a little bit into the other side of life,something that was unknown to me earlier.Until yesterday,I had only heard about the conditions in “SLUM LIFE” by word of mouth but today I can say I witnessed some of it. Seeing the people of Madanpur Khadar made me realise how truly blessed I am to have access to countless luxuries, but its so agonising to see that many of them are still deprived of the basic amenities of life,which in layman’s language, include nutritious food, sanitation, water, electricity and quality education. It pains me equally to see that many of them, particularly the youth, have a very laidback attitude and are disconnected or disillusioned with the modern world.Therefore, we at ETASHA focus on the young so that they can utilise their lives and point it in a new direction. ETASHA gives them a ray of hope in order to help them to break the barriers between their world and ours. It makes them confront their capabilities, limitations and talents.They really have potential but the zeal and ambition in them is missing. ETASHA projects them to their talents and aids them in outstretching their limits.

ETASHA also provides them training and support in boosting their confidence and harnessing their overall personality.We all know that English is the global language today and everyone strives to get better at it. It has a lot of sanctity in modern society, hence the team at ETAHSA also works on the improvement of their understanding and pronounciation of the language in order to eliminate their phobia of the it. The techniques used for teaching also appealed to me. There is individual attention given to every person and the classes are interactive and active.

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