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Nishant Aggarwal
Inspired: Nishant Aggarwal

The regular ETASHA Alumni Meets are occasions of fun & excitement for everyone in the organisation. It involves the meeting of old friends & revisiting old memories which are stored somewhere in in the back of our mind. One of the meetings’ main objectives is to connect new trainees with old, so that the latter can inform and inspire the former, having entered the world of work.

There is a certain question which strikes me:

“Are the Alumni Meetings effective enough to add to or make a vital change to trainees’ thoughts or behaviour’”?

Lets ponder…..

On 8th March 2014, ETASHA Society arranged for an Alumni Meet at CDC-1 , Madanpur Khadar with the objective of having the current trainees interact with alumni & to hopefully become inspired and motivated by the experiences of their seniors. Three Alumni – Amit , Santosh & Vipin volunteered to share their experience for this highly interactive session in which they could expect a grilling from the trainees. The whole environment was set up in such a way that the interaction of trainees with alumni was informative, yet full of fun. It encourages participation of everyone and makes for a lively, supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

The occasion started with a welcome speech by Parul Mehra to tell everyone the importance of ‘gathering’ together.

First,  Ajay was invited on to share some enlightening words on his career and to inspire the trainees. Recently,  Ajay had taken a job in the upcoming e-commerce department of Vishal mega Mart, for a salary lower than is the norm, in order to gain experience in e-commerce, which is his chosen career path, so part of his focus was on corporate culture and the operations of Vishal Mega Mart.

His speech was so informative that every trainee was keen to get more insights into corporate life. His session was ended by being bombarded by numerous questions by trainees and he answered them smartly and enthusiastically. One trainee asked Ajay, “You get a low salary, don’t you feel it was an injustice done by ETASHA to you by providing such a job”?

Ajay replied, “Mein kuch sikhana Chahta hoon…salary itni important nahi hai.” The way he answered made everyone proud of him. Everyone joined in the applause and the trainees were motivated by him, and touched that he was so grateful to finally be on the path to making his career.

Bipin Alumni
Inspiring: Bipin

The second guest was Santosh, who is working with Big Bazaar and is earning a handsome salary. He talked about the CSWC program CSWC and how this had changed his life. He was grateful to his facilitators for enabling him to manage his job in such a confident manner. He dealt with queries with much patience and answered them politely and enthusiastically. He discussed his job as a cashier and gave a presentation about the tasks and duties of a cashier and some of the issue faced by employees in this job profile. He discussed various incidents which have happen to him while he was on duty.

Really, the incidents were so interesting and amazing that they could easily be be crafted into case studies to be used by millions of management students.

Finally, Bipin was invited to make his presentation. Bipin is one of ETASHA’s earlier trainees, completing the CSWC program in 2009, and has since gained a lot of experience in the corporate world, working with various established companies in sales and marketing. He started his speech by thanking ETASHA Society for making him what he is now. He gave credit to Ms Veenita Sharma for motivating him in the Vision & Goal sessions she had facilitated, and for helping him achieve his goals. His speech was very entertaining and the trainees were happy to listen to him. His way of interacting encouraged everyone to relax and listen to each and every golden word spoken by him.

Students asked him various questions regarding his career path, ways to develop a career in sales and marketing, the hardships he had endured etc; and  Bipin’s words were seen by some to be panacea for their many problems and doubts.

Finally, his speech ended the session which gave trainees a lot of hope and made the facilitators proud of what he had achieved.

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I have heard many people saying that ‘an audience takes most interest in public speaking either at the start or at the end,’ but after attending the Alumni Meet, I disagree. I can proudly say that in my view even the scorching sunlight got weakened by such an inspiring and uplifting session which had lots of energy flowing, creating an ambience of support and positivity. Trainees showed their interest throughout the session and obtained first hand practical advice for their careers.

I don’t know about others but I found my role models in each of these alumni. Their hardships, training, transformation in their personalities, success and attitudes made me salute the good work this NGO is doing for youth who are in need of good training, direction & mentoring.

“Finally, I feel that I have got answers to my questions which are hidden somewhere in core of my heart as I am totally affected by this life time experience.”

Nishant Aggarwal

MBA (Finance) from Jaypee Business School, Noida, UP.

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